his everything i've ever wanted

Becky’s always been in the 5sos family and loves all four of those boys equally, but there’s just something about Luke that she’s attracted to. So when she goes to see them live in concert will she finally be able to be with him because his everything she’s ever wanted.


1. Chapter 1- introduction

It’s the evening before the 5sos concert and I can’t wait to finally see them sing on stage and get to watch them do what they love doing. I’m listening to my 5sos CD while looking at myself in the mirror and all I can think about is if Luke Hemmings will like what he see when I see him tomorrow. I mean what if he hates my brown hair, or feels sick when he sees my blue eyes.                                                                                                                                                         “No, no, no” I whisper to myself “It doesn’t matter what he thinks of me it’s not like his going to bump into me at the concert, he’ll be on the freaking stage. Why am I so worried” I carried on. I’m so deep in thought and worried about what Luke will think of me tomorrow that I forgot my own name.                                                                                     “My name is Becky, I can’t believe I just forgot my own name I’ve never done that before” I say still worried about tomorrow.

Once I’ve walked away from my mirror and calmed myself down I finally feel excited about tomorrow again, I can’t wait to watch them perform Heartbreak girl, Voodoo doll, Rejects and Kiss me kiss me, they’re going to be so good. I squeal with excitement and fall back onto my bed and daydream about Luke.

After I finish daydreaming, about half an hour later I go downstairs for dinner which is pizza, pizza is my favourite food, and after I finish my pepperoni pizza I go and have a shower and get into bed. I drift into a good night sleep dreaming about what’s going to happen tomorrow at the concert.

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