Why is the Silence so Loud?

Engelsk tekst om stilhed


1. Why is the Silence so Loud?

I'm silent, sitting in a room filled with people, who laughs and smile. I just can't hear their laugh, because my ears are filled with music. I can't see their smiles, because my sight is stuck in the sky. I'm sitting in silence all by myself. 

The rain is pouring down and washing all the pain from yesterday away. 
I feel the silence to the bones, and my mind is screaming.

I'm sitting in silence, observing people and their smiles, and I wonder if they're all real. The room is filled with noises, but I can only hear the silence.
I am a quiet person, a person nobody sees or hears. Not because they don't want to, but because they can't.
The quiet people have the loudest screams, but no one can hear their screaming.
My scream was supposed to shut the noisy room, but no one can hear it. 
My mind is running wild and my heart is racing. 
Why is the silence so loud? 

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