Ugh! he's my brother

My parents got divorced when I was 1 year old, I lived with mum, Zayn lived with dad. They died in a car accident last year. Recently Zayn became a protective brother that won't let me dress the way I want or hang out with people of my choice, we're always fighting. When my boyfriend cheated on me, I sure found that Zayn was right so he took me on tour to start fresh but I wrapped walls around my heart and I don't think any boy can tumble them down


15. moving out:

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Hope's POV:

"YOU SCARED ME" i yelled again punching his shoulder. "i miss you" he said kissing my neck when i pushed him away. "don't touch me you creep" i said trying to walk away when he pushed me back to the wall. "OW what do you want from me? aren't you with Kate?" i asked beginning to get scared. "but i want you" he said pulling me in by my waist so i started kicking and screaming. "Hope i know you still have feelings for me why are you doing this?" he asked trying to kiss me again. "LET ME GO ENOUGH" i shouted when a flashlight met both of our eyes.

"who's there?" The security guard that was standing on the front door asked making Shane run away like a complete coward. "Miss malik? i'm gonna need you to come with me" he said holding my forearm and walking me inside the building. "it's way past curfew young lady, breaking the rules comes with consequences, i'm gonna have to call your brother" he said. "no no no please don't i promise it won't happen again" i said when it was already too late.

he dialed Zayn's number and talked to him in private, then came back minutes later and handed me the phone. Oh god here we go! "hello?" i said.     

(H- hope    Z- zayn)

Z- WHAT THE HELL HOPE? the last thing i need right now is the security guard of the campus calling me to tell me that you sneaked out.

H- you know what? i wanna move out, go back to my house or even yours, but i hate it here.

Z- i don't have time for this right now, we're signing the hospital papers and driving to the airport in five minutes, why do you hate it?


i can't just tell him that i almost got raped, he really doesn't have time for this, he'd get really worried and right now is just not the right time, he'd tell Niall who is already in pain, what was i supposed to say?

"i just do please understand and let me move out" i said. "i can't let you live on your own or else i'll worry sick about you, if you wanna break the rules don't let them catch you, didn't you learn anything from me?" he said sarcastically. "haha very funny Zayn" i said in a sarcastic tone. "PLEASE YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT I'M NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE" i yelled. "I DON'T HAVE THE ENERGY TO FIGHT WITH YOU, now go to your room and we'll call you tomorrow" he said hanging up.

whatever, i'm going to move out tomorrow morning, sure the boys will find out and get mad, but they'll accept it in the end and i'll be secured. Especially at Zayn's place since Shane doesn't have its address.

i signed some papers the next day before heading to collage, even before Kate woke up, poor girl, she doesn't know that once a cheater, always a cheater! i unlocked the door of the house and got in, put my suitcases in my room and went to collage. "hey Hope" Kate called my name as soon as i walked through the door.

"hey" i said. "where were you this morning?" she asked. "i moved back home, i'm no longer staying in the campus" i said. "w- but why? is it me?" she asked. "no no just take care of yourself okay? i'm sorry i have to go now, Jane is waiting for me in the classroom" i said and walked away.

"hiya" Jane said. "hey you" i said taking my place when my skype application buzzed. It was Niall. "morning Babe" i said waving my hand. "hi love, are you in collage?" he asked when i nodded in agreement. "this is Jane by the way" i said. "oh god i look awful, this isn't exactly the way i was supposed to meet Niall Horan" Jane said making us laugh. We talked for about fifteen minutes before the teacher came in.

Niall's POV:

i miss her so freaking much! my mind's telling me to travel to London and surprise her, i don't know, i sure hope that Simon approves. "earth to Niall" Liam said knocking me out of my thoughts. "what?" i asked chuckling. "how's your head?" he asked. "better, hey Liam wanna come with me to London for like two days only? we'll let the rest of the boys do the interviews and the meets and greets, that's fine right?" i asked. "uhh sure i guess why not?" Liam said when we definitely decided to go.

i skyped Hope again at night.   (H- hope N- niall)

N- guess where i am right now

H- easy to guess, on a plane, where are you traveling next?

N- uhh i don't know really, why don't you show me your room

H- oh uh about that... my room is pretty unclean, besides it's pretty normal

N- it looks very familiar i don't know, so did you see Shane?

H- yeah he came last night with Kate but we didn't talk... nothing much happened

N- if he or Kate ever bother you or anything, just tell me okay?

H- i just want you to focus on the tour and get well since you recently hit your head you know

N- the only thing that hurts me is that i'm away from you


And with that word, Hope sighed and covered her face with her hands. "Shane harassed me yesterday i just can't hide it anymore" She said with one tear escaping from her eye....

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