Ugh! he's my brother

My parents got divorced when I was 1 year old, I lived with mum, Zayn lived with dad. They died in a car accident last year. Recently Zayn became a protective brother that won't let me dress the way I want or hang out with people of my choice, we're always fighting. When my boyfriend cheated on me, I sure found that Zayn was right so he took me on tour to start fresh but I wrapped walls around my heart and I don't think any boy can tumble them down


26. merry christmas:

Hope's POV:

Niall and i held hands and walked in the hallway to bump into Liam. His jaw dropped staring at us making us giggle. "Do not tell me that you're back together, i was so not expecting this, who knew" Liam said sarcastically. "haha very funny ofcourse we're gonna go back together, she's mine" Niall said when Sam showed up. "uh hi I was coming to see why you're late" he said.

"sorry Sam, Hope is my girl" Niall said so i punched his shoulder. "Sam i really am sorry, Niall and i... got back together" i explained. "REALLY?" The voice of Zayn said making us turn around to see him walking towards us. "why are we still standing in this tiny hallway for god's sake?" Liam asked making me giggle. Sam turned around and walked away though, i didn't mean to hurt him...

"SAM WAIT" i yelled. "i have to talk to him" i told Niall then ran after Sam. I followed him all the way to the lobby when he stopped and faced me. "don't be upset with me, i meant no harm, tonight we're going to throw a little Christmas party after One Direction's show, come with the boys okay? i want the whole band to be gathered" i said. "okay sure i'll see you later then" he said before leaving.

Later that day, Christine, Perrie, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-anne and i went Christmas shopping. We all bought amazing dresses for tonight, and for New year's eve. "i still can't believe that we're gonna celebrate New year's eve at Time's square" Christine said as soon as we entered the hotel. "i know right?" Perrie said laughing when two girls ran towards us.

"oh my god hey, can we hug you?" one girl asked. "ofcourse" we all said smiling, even though i was a bit surprised that they knew Christine and i. Right after they left, the boys came downstairs. "Hey got everything you need?" Zayn asked pulling Perrie by her waist. "yeah yeah we're gonna get ready and wait for you until you get back" Jade said.

I kissed Niall on the cheek and noticed that he was still wearing the promise ring that i gave him. "good luck" i said smiling. "thanks babe i can't wait to see you later on" he said winking at me before walking away.

the girls and i changed into our dresses, decorated the ballroom, organized the tables and the food when a woman and a man came in. "BOBBY MAURA" Perrie yelled hugging them both. "hey everyone, do you need help with anything?" Maura said. "no we're ready, this is Hope, Hope these are Niall's parents Bobby and Maura" Perrie introduced us making me almost hyperventilate.

"uh hi merry Christmas" i said shaking their hands. "so you're the girl that stole my son's heart" Maura said. "well you're Zayn's sister, since Zayn is Niall's best friend, i bet you get along very well" Bobby said. wow I really owe Zayn, they trust me because i'm his sister! YES!

Just then, the boys came in along with the rest of the band. "MOM DAD i didn't know you were coming" Niall said excitedly hugging them. "i see you met Hope" he said looking at me. "i'm just gonna borrow her for one second" he said making me giggle; he held my hand and pulled me to the side.

"you're the most beautiful girl in here" he said kissing my cheek. "and you're a liar" i said laughing. "you really are the most beautiful girl in my eyes" he said when i wrapped my arms around his neck. We began slow dancing. "i'm so glad you have a break from college, imagine us not spending Christmas together" he said. "i know right? oh i almost forgot" i said pulling out a bag that i had pushed under the table of food.

"what's that?" Niall asked. "your present" i said handing him the bag. He walked outside to see it privately, to be followed by me surely. "you know me so well, Pizza and a box of chocolate, awwww you're the best" he said lifting me up by the waist. "let's go eat alone then, i know a place" he said when i chuckled. "first put me down, second your real present is a sweater, i put it in your room" i said before kissing him.

"okay here is your present, check it out so we can go i'm starving" he said sarcastically pulling out a paper from his back pocket. i unfolded it to see a two year lease. "what is this for?" i asked. "It's for a flat back in London, let's call it your own fashion designing studio, everything you need from materials to mannikins is inside" he said making my jaw dropped.

"i can't believe this, are you serious? oh my god Niall, this is amazing" i said hugging him tight making him laugh. "you deserve it" he said kissing me again. "merry Christmas babe" he said staring into my eyes. "Merry Christmas i love you" i said.

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