Ugh! he's my brother

My parents got divorced when I was 1 year old, I lived with mum, Zayn lived with dad. They died in a car accident last year. Recently Zayn became a protective brother that won't let me dress the way I want or hang out with people of my choice, we're always fighting. When my boyfriend cheated on me, I sure found that Zayn was right so he took me on tour to start fresh but I wrapped walls around my heart and I don't think any boy can tumble them down


14. half a heart:

Hope's POV:

It was turning dark and my first day went well, who am i kidding? it went great! College is absolutely amazing, i met this cool girl called Jane, we bonded instantly which made me so happy, we even drank coffee together, the only thing that worried me is that neither Niall or Zayn called me, plus Niall's phone was turned off, perhaps they're rehearsing or something, i just didn't wanna bother them, including Perrie, Little mix and One direction must be rehearsing together so...

i turned the door knob of my apartment to see that Kate left me a note!

be back at night, i might sneak in since no girls can stay outside after midnight but i'm breaking the rules haha

i tried calling Niall again... "Hey Hope" the voice of Harry answered few seconds later, "oh hey Harry what's up? where have you been all day guys?" i asked giggling. "umm the boys wanted me to be the mature one so... we're actually in the hospital at the moment" he said. "Harry are you serious? W- where's Niall?" i asked fearing the answer.

"the nurse gave him a sleeping pill but he's absolutely fine i promise" Harry replied. "HARRY COULD YOU TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED AND DON'T YOU DARE LIE TO ME" I yelled keeping myself from crying since i needed to stay strong in order to get what was going on!

"okay hey Hope, it's Zayn, look we were on our way to the airport when some crazy drunk dude hit us okay? we're alright, Louis was so scared that he passed out and Niall hit his head but he's gonna wake up in a bit and call you for sure, i promise he's okay" Zayn explained. "i- i'm gonna come see you" i said when he cut me off. "Hope no don't think about it, after Niall wakes up we're gonna travel again since Little mix are already on the plane right now, Perrie is calling like every ten minutes still crying, please i need you to just stay strong, don't make a big deal out of it" he said.

"BUT ZAYN..." i yelled when he cut me off again. "here take Niall he's up" he said. "hey love" Niall said with a sleepy voice sounding weak. "Oh my god Niall are you okay? i love you so much" i said crying. "yeah i'm great please don't cry i love you too" Niall said.

  (N- niall   H- hope)

N- How was your day?

H- you're even asking me about my day? i was really worried about you

N- just wanted to distract you babe, now smile for me you look beautiful today

H- how do you know?

N- i don't have to see you to know, i know you look beautiful

H- i love you more than you can ever imagine

N- i love you more, oh the doctor just came in, i'm gonna have to speak to you later

H- okay i'll wait, bye for now babe

N- bye love


i hung up and decided to take a shower, when i got out wearing my pajamas, Kate and Shane were watching T.V. on the couch. "NO WAY HOPE" Shane said with a smirk on his face. "hey shane" i said checking my phone to see if Niall called again.

"where have you been this past month? oh wait i know you got a new protective boyfriend, he punched me for cheating on you" Shane said chuckling. "yeah i noticed, the purple mark on your eye is still there" i said shutting him up. "Shane quit it" i heard Kate whisper to him.

i just decided to ignore these two and turn on my laptop. i signed into twitter and sent a tweet to Niall: i'm half a heart without you

             i'm walking around with just one shoe

             with half an arrow in my chest

But on the bright side, Zayn was perfectly unharmed and the boys are okay. i also read some of the fans messages:

:'( i love you stay strong guys

we're keeping you in our hearts

oh my god how could this happen


"Hey Hope check this out, the famous boy band One direction got into a car accident, it's all over the news, poor them" Shane said sarcastically. "oh my god are they okay?" Kate asked when i nodded in agreement. "i'm gonna take a walk outside" i said before quickly getting dressed. i opened the door knob to realize that Shane wasn't there anymore.

"where's Shane?" i asked. "he jumped out of the window when you were changing, there's a guard standing on the front door and boys aren't allowed here remember?" Kate replied. "Right, and we're not allowed to go out at this time of night either, i'll jump as well" i said.

i managed to get on the street and as soon as i took my first steps, Someone pushed me against the wall. "WHAT THE HECK" i yelled when none other than Shane covered my mouth. "Shhh" he said before removing his hand.

What in the world does he want?

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