Ugh! he's my brother

My parents got divorced when I was 1 year old, I lived with mum, Zayn lived with dad. They died in a car accident last year. Recently Zayn became a protective brother that won't let me dress the way I want or hang out with people of my choice, we're always fighting. When my boyfriend cheated on me, I sure found that Zayn was right so he took me on tour to start fresh but I wrapped walls around my heart and I don't think any boy can tumble them down


23. don't leave:

thankyou sooo much for all your incredibly sweet comments, i really don't know what to say, i've been writing things then deleting them for a couple of minutes now because there are no words to describe how much i appreciate your sweet words! i love you, and i mean it from the bottom of my heart, even if we're worlds apart :)


Hope's POV:

i took a shower later on, straightened my hair, wore leggings, a coat and a pair of uggs! It was getting cold, just the thought of Christmas coming soon brings a smile to my face. I got a call from Jane right before i headed downstairs. "hello" i said. "JOSH IS THROWING A PARTY TONIGHT AND WE'RE BOTH INVITED" she yelled. "who's Josh? wait i know, he's majoring in architecture right?" i asked. "yeap be ready, you have a car now remember" she said. "about that, it's pulled over by my house but i'm at Zayn's, i'll see if i can come, no promises" i said. "alright but please do your best to show up" she said.

i headed downstairs when the door bell rang. It was Niall! "hey" i said. "hey Gorgeous... uh sorry i mean... hey" Niall said lowering his eyebrows in confusion. "hey mate, the rest is in the kitchen eating, you brought your luggage right?" Zayn asked walking towards us.

"yeah yeah i'm starving as well, just give us ten minutes" Niall said reaching for his front pockets, i could tell he was nervous. "fine no funny business" Zayn said sarcastically going back to the kitchen.

"so you're leaving tonight huh?" i asked sitting on the stairs of the porch. Niall sat beside me and sighed. "yeah... Hope i want you to know that Simon is against our relationship since i'm on tour and... the point is you're blaming yourself for what happened between us but... you did nothing wrong, i don't care if i got into fights because of you, i'd fight the whole world for you" he said. "but you didn't fight Simon did you?" i asked at the edge of tears, just thinking about everything, if i could have just one wish, i'd wish Niall and i go back together like nothing ever happened!

Niall was about to speak when a car pulled over. "JANE" i yelled. "hey... Hi Niall, are you ready to go Hope?" she asked. "uhh yeah just let me say bye to Zayn and the boys" i said standing up. "wait" Niall said grabbing my hand then letting go immediately. "where are you going?" he asked. "To a party near here we got invited to" i replied then headed inside.

i got into the kitchen to see the boys along with Valerie and Mel. "evening, Zayn can i talk to you in private please?" i asked smiling. We stood in the living room to be joined by Niall. "so i'm going to a party with Jane, i wanted to say bye first" i said. "it's really late though, you got kidnapped once, do you want it to happen twice, it would be better if you don't go out" Zayn said. "i totally agree with Zayn, we have to be in the airport, we need to know that you're safe home" Niall said. "oh so now i can't go out at all? that's so unfair come on please" i said looking back at Zayn.

"no Hope" he said crossing his arms. "then make me stay" i said trying to walk away when he grabbed my wrist in order to stop me but his grip was strong enough to hurt me and remind me that i have a new scar. "what did you say to me?" he asked in a very serious note. "stop it you two" Niall said setting my arm free. "i said make me stay, i'm in university i'm old enough to go to parties okay?" i said running outside to be followed by Zayn.

He picked me up on his shoulders and carried me inside. "ZAYN PUT ME DOWN" i yelled kicking and punching. "Zayn you're crazy man put her down" Niall said following us upstairs. Zayn put me down in my room then headed outside shutting the door hard. After some time, Louis came in to see me sitting on the bed angrily.

"hey i heard what happened, are you okay?" he asked when i nodded in agreement. "so you know that we're traveling in like five minutes right? i need you to take this gift to a girl named Christine, the address is written at the bottom, can you do that for me?" he asked. "oooh somebody has a crush" i said. "yeah yeah stop that" he said giggling.

we headed downstairs to see Valerie and Mel crying, ofcourse Harry and Liam are leaving... but so is Niall, what was i supposed to do? Zayn pinched my nose and giggled. "don't get into trouble for the next two months" he ordered. "yeah yeah whatever i'll miss you" i said pulling him into a hug.

"i'll miss you Hope and... i will fight for you you'll see" Niall said making me smile. i'm gonna miss you too, your hugs, your neck kisses, your smile, your everything... please don't leave me Niall please...

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