The New Boy // Z.M

When talks are going around about a new boy, everyone wants to meet him. By lunch almost all the girls had meet him but Alisha hadn't. When she does what will they say to each other... Wanna find out more? Then read it!


1. Introduction

Hi. My names Alisha Selman. I have long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. I don't have that many friends only 1 but we have been best friends since Year 5. My life started to go downhill in and I hate to think this but if I hadn't met her then I might be dead. Year 4 everything was going good. I was even friends with the populars... in fact I was the leader! However as I realised that they had started to be rude to other people who hadn't ever done anything to them I decided that I should put a stop to it. But when I confronted them they all pushed me out of the group even though I was the leader. Later that day I went home and called my best friend who I thought would understand me and talk to me but when she picked up she just started swearing at me and told me to never call or talk to her again. She then told me she was actually happy that I had got kicked out because she became the leader. Her last words were 'good riddance'. By the time the phone call ended I was in tears lying on my bed. I lay there thinking about what had happened. Asking myself questions... 'What if I hadn't said anything to them?' 'Who will I hang with now?' 'What will I do?'






( a/n)  Sorry about going on about the past but I thought that it will make it easier to understand in the story later on.



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