Rescued By Your Love

// This is a part of my life that I will never be able to forget. Even now, as I close my eyes and inhale the deep scent of chocolate orange cocoa, the snowflakes compressing on the window ledge, a thick woolly blanket wrapped around my shoulders and the radiator reflecting the heat of my heart, even the vestige of a kiss on my lips. Lips that I could never imagine would kiss mine. His lips. This is how he rescued me. Rescued me from my flaws and hurt ~ from an eating disorder. // ~ Marie McBeanie


7. Twisted Dreams

"Come closer" a hot whisper shot through my ear, the warmth of a naked torso radiated into my pyjamas, seeping deep into my skin. I was obedient. I was facing him, close enough to feel his breath on my nose. Never, for one second did I take my eyes off him. "Closer..." The soft voice was commanding, sending shivers along my back. I could feel his hands around my waist, pushing me into him.

As our bodies closed in together, I put my fingers along his head,pressing our lips together, fusing them into a hot kiss. Pushing me gently onto the sheets of the bed, he pulled my top up, exposing my bare stomach and dark navy Victorias Secret bra, the lace peeping out of my half up pyjama top. Kisses left his lips and landed on the smooth surface of my abdomen. Continuing to peel off my top, I began to get increasingly impatient for him to really start.

"You're perfect like this", his voice was soft as he observed my body lit by the moonlight. My mind went back to our train journey. "I thought you looked great either way" I whispered in his ear, kissing along his jaw bone, careful to run my fingers through his hair. He chuckled, his dark hair smoothly combed. He was just the same as I had met him first. Lowering me back onto the bed sheets, he slowly began to strip me of my pyjama trousers. Inch by inch the material loosened from my body. I wish he would just speed up.

As he came back up to meet my lips, his eyes turned into disgust causing him to leap up out of the bed. "Malik?" My voice was strangled in the wind. Shocked, he ran. Fast. "Babe, what's wrong?" I called to him. It was too late. I heard the slam of the door and the start of an engine. Wrapped in the duvet, I sat up, my legs nearly touching the floor of the high bed. Contemplating the course of action I was going to take, I jumped out of the bed, dragging on a long black trench coat and six inch red soled heels.

Jumping into my new, polished BMW through its suicide doors, I quickly turned up the gas and drove into the darkness. The lights were blinding and as I drove, the black streets seemed to conceal what was in front of me. I came to what I thought was a cross rode and stopped, furious that I had to wait for cars to pass.

After what felt like ten minutes, a bright, pearly white light shone, heading directly towards me. Frozen, I sat paralyzed as the car honked it's horn, failing to move away from my direction. Slamming directly into me, my car flipped over, throwing me out of the windscreen onto the dark street.

Blood trickled down the side of my temple, my limbs at awkward angles. Sirens sung loudly, giving me throbbing pains in my head. It felt as if my heart was in my brain, constant beats went through my mind. "Marie? Marie I'm coming!" The faint calls grew louder as the person approached my side. Resisting the shoves of the police, I heard her struggling to reach me.

Falling to her knees, she removed the shards and glass from around me, repeatedly stroking the hair away from my face and whispering "It's okay, I'm here now, your safe" as if she was trying to convince herself than me.

Opening my eyes, I lifted my arm to my head. Instantly, I dropped them, seeing that they were ginormous, heavy and blood stained. Whimpering, tears flushed the blood from my face, seeping into my cuts causing immense pain.

Looking up, I saw her clearly. She was at least six foot, stick thin but utterly voluptuous; smoothly curving everywhere. Her hair was a long, bright and bold blonde. Her face was unforgettably beautiful, as if she was a living photoshopped model. Apart from the fact that I couldn't trace of make up. "Ana?" I asked.

Beaming down at me, she kissed my cheek "Yes, I'm here babe, you'll be safe with me". Closing my eyes, I let the darkness envelope me, noticing how tired the whole experience had made me...

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

Each ring was more persistent than the last. I opened my eyes shocked to see the sun shining brightly through the window. It all felt so real. I checked the time. 8:45 . Damn. I was going to be late. What I couldn't work out was which part of the dream was worse: Leaving Malik's kiss or looking so grotesque in the presence of a supermodel Ana...

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