As black as a ravens wing


1. As black as a ravens wing

It was starting to get dark in the seaside town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, Britain. In a large gothic-looking two room flat, with dark red walls, dark wooden floors and a door leading to a glass balcony, was an 18 year old girl. Her hair was as black as a raven’s wing with blood red highlights flowing down to her waist and an Emo like side fringe and dark red demonic eyes. She wore a red and black corset top, black denim trousers and pair of black knee high Doc Martins laced up over her jeans.

She sat in the centre of a large four poster bed with a black silk bed spread and thin black net curtains surrounding the bed. There were two long gold hilted swords in a brown leather double hip holster, a black satchel and a black leather cloak with two medieval style golden buttons with gold string attaching both sides of the cloak together lying next to her. She picked up her swords and strapped them around her waist then she gathered up her cloak and attached it under her throat. She then picked up her satchel, opened it, and then closed it again after looking inside, before heading towards the door of her flat.

This girl was Raven Mai. She was orphaned as a baby when her mother died during child birth, but her farther refused to look after her. So she spent all of her infant, child and teenage life in an orphanage as no one wanted to adopt her because of her unusual eyes. Some visitors to the orphanage said that she must have been cursed at birth but the orphanage staff always denied this. Therefore her only friend was Zuzanna Reid, an art student who was the only person who stuck up to her when she was bullied at school.

Raven opened the door of her flat on to a corridor with cream walls, wooden floors and lots of other doors leading to other flats and headed away from the door leading outside. She knocked softly on the door next to her flat before pushing it open slightly.

“Hello” She called as she stepped into the room and was about to leave, thinking that the door must have been left unlocked, when a high pitched native Indian like scream emitted from behind the door. Raven spun on her heels her hands flying to her swords on her hip when something hit her in a bone crushing hug. She dropped her hands and returned the hug to the girl who now hung from Raven’s neck. The girl wore a tattered pair of blue denim trousers and a loose plain purple top. She also wore a pair of purple convers shoes.

“Hi, Zuzanna” Raven said calmly as the girl pulled out of the hug.

“Hi, my little Raven” Zuzanna replied with a mock evil mastermind gesture, looking her friend in the eyes.

“I’m not little” Raven insisted

“Oh but you are my little friend, and you know it.” Zuzanna replied whilst putting her elbow on Ravens shoulder and leading there.

“Thanks, Zue” Raven said sarcastically pushing her off “So, are we goanna head down there now or are we goanna linger here all day, huh?”

“Fine” She put on a bored tone of voice “Let’s go down to the Goths, Emos and numerous other weirdoes in Whitby this weekend, shall we?”

“Hey” Raven replied, hurt “You’re talking to one of those so called ‘weirdoes’. So be careful what you say.” She pulled back her cloak to reveal the golden hilt of one of her swords.

“Ok, ok” She responded holding up her hands in surrender “Sorry. You’re beautiful, amazing, intelligent. Do I have to go on?”

“Please do” Raven laughed letting her cloak fall back into place.

“Ok then. Um, let me think.” She tapped her fingers against her mouth in mock thought. “Ok, got one. How about: someone who doesn’t hurt their friends that love her so much.” She finally said with a wiry smile looking at her friend’s concerned face but was relieved when she burst out laughing.

“Ok, so you mean kind and caring.” Raven said after she had stopped laughing. “Don’t worry; you don’t have to give me any more complements today.”

“Ok thanks, Raven.” Zuzanna said tapping her friends shoulder in mock sympathy.

Raven and Zuzanna walked together towards the flat’s door. As Zuzanna closed the door Raven turned round and said “Don’t forget to lock your door, my tall goldfish.”

“Ha, ha. Very funny Raven” she replied sarcastically.


Raven and Zuzanna walked down the crowded Whitby pier. Raven looked and felt at home but Zue stuck out like a sore thumb with her blue and purple outfit against the black, red and the steam punk of the Goths, Emos and ‘numerous other weirdoes’ that had gathered for Whitby’s annual Goth weekend.

As they walked down the pier a group of teenage boys in street trend cloths ran towards Raven and Zuzanna who had to dart out of the way as they passed. One of the boys quickened his pace as he passed Raven and reached under her cloak and grabbed her satchel which contained her mobile phone and numerous ten pound notes.

“Hey, kid. Give that back.” Raven yelled as she gave chase. Suddenly the group split up and ran in different directions making Raven lose track of the boy that took her bag. Out of nowhere, a white haired man ran out of the shadows and after one of the boys. Raven soon followed and rounded the corner of a nearby building at the end of the pier to find the man slowly walking away from a pair of police officers who were questioning the boy who took her bag.

“Here you go.” The man said in a deep English accent. “Hi, my names Asher, and I’ll be your bag retriever for the evening.” He added with a smile as he held out Ravens satchel.

“Thanks, Asher.” Raven replied as she took her bag off him and placed it back round her arm. “My names Raven. Um…Do you want to get a coffee or something; it’s all I can do to thank you.” She asked wirily “And don’t say no.” She added as she saw him open his mouth and close it again. “I insist, it’s the least I can do.”

“Ok then. Um…What about you friend there?” He nodded his head to Zuzanna who was quickly running up to Raven.

“Oh don’t worry.” Zuzanna said as she approached. “I’ve got some art work I need to finish for Monday.” She added before quickly turning and hurrying off towards her flat.

“Please. I know a lovely little café a couple of streets away.” Raven said gesturing for him to follow.

They approached a café with numerous different cakes filling the main window. Inside, they could see many white tables with candles in bottles and wax falling down the sides in the centre of each table. As they entered, a woman with red dreadlocks came up to them.

“Table for two?” she asked as they entered.

“Yes please, Hannah.” Raven replied as she hurried off to a table with two chairs set opposite each other.

“What can I get you, Raven?” Hannah asked as Raven and Asher got their seats.

“My usual please Hannah. And…” Raven looked at Asher.

“Just a cappuccino, please.” Asher replied as Hannah hurried off to the nearby counter were she got to work sorting out the order.

This is when Raven finally saw his white spiky hair; his yellow cat slit eyes and his white skin. She also saw his long black leather trench coat he wore and underneath he wore a back pirate shirt with black denim trousers. In Ravens eyes, Asher was perfect. She sat in awe as he looked at her with an unreadable expression.

After they had eaten, Asher walked Raven up to her flat to ‘make sure those kids didn’t come back for her bag’ though Raven expected it was just to spend more time with her.

“So, this is me.” Raven said when they reached the flats. “I never asked you, but, why did you help me? Why not just let him get away with my bag?”

“Because, you needed help. And maybe I like the look of you, but who knows?” He responded with a shrug before disappearing into the shadows leaving Raven standing outside the door leading to her flat.

“Who knows?” Raven said under her breath as she watched him go then turned and went into the flats.

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