Do parents need to torture their children in order to make them be better ?

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  • Published: 22 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 22 Oct 2014
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In this epoch , parents force their children to study hard in order to get good results in their respective pivotal examinations .


1. Hey parents !

   Nowadays , people are quite realistic . Apparently , parents emphasis their children's academic . They think having a full A+'s result slip is everything . A lot of parents keep sending their children to some branded tuition centres . Of course , these services are pricey . Besides that , these create insurmountable pressure on these children . Some of them could not continue living in this kind of lifestyle . Some of them might start playing truant , participating in some vice activities and so forth . So , what is the point for parents to force their children to study . In my opinion , parents should be a good guidance , give them some free time and always willing to listen to them .


  Some of them might think sending their children to tuition centres is nothing wrong . Yes , I agree with them partially . Yet , these tuition classes make their children have a lot of workloads to finish . Some of them might hate studying , losing the interest of study and many more . There are many tuition centres giving traditional teaching method during their lessons . Using traditional teaching method makes their children get bored , dull and so forth . In their ages , they love something interesting . In exemplify , teachers could have some games in lessons but make sure that these games are related to the lessons . These can make them love the lessons . Otherwise , parents must be a good guider suggesting their children to the right tuition centres . So that , their children can have a shining future . 


   Some parents might think result is the most pivotal in our lives . However , I beg to differ . Barack Obama is the best example that I would like to talk about . He does not have good results in his school examinations and even fail some important subjects in public examinations . What he has is attitude and good parents . He listens to their parents . Luckily , their parents are open minded . They give the freedom for him to do what he always wants . This makes Obama have the opportunity to explore the world , get closer to the citizens and so forth . This is also why , he can be so successful now . 


  Some parents' schedules are always packed . They do not have free time to mingle with their charming children . What children need is accompany . When they find that no one takes concern about them , they will just do something bad in order to attract their attention . Parents are more important to them rather than peers . During some public school holidays , parents could take their children to travel , go shopping and so forth . These fantastic activities can enhance the relationship .


    Parents , please try to understand our feelings . Please . 




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