How we lost our minds

When Adriana starts to have feelings towards her best friend Nathan everything just gets complicated


3. Part 3


 so are you coming to beach today with us?-Beth

Sure. i will just go tell Nat.-Me 

okay,cool see you there :3 -Beth

"Beth asked us to come to the beach with the others. are you coming." i said. "sure. i will just go change to my swim trucks." he said going to bathroom. i changed to my bikinis and pulled my summer dress on. "you ready?" he asked from bathroom. "yeah." i said. we made our way to the beach. "gosh how i missed this place." i groaned and he just smiled at me. "hey guys you came!" Beth smiled as Alex,Simon and Eliza were sitting on the ground. "yep." i said hugging her and waving to others as Alex gave me flirty grin.  "so how do you met each others?" Beth asked curiously. "well my mum and his dad are together and we became best friends." i told. yeah that was true. he was kinda my step brother but our parents weren't married but it sucked i couldn't be more than friends with Nathan, cause it would have been weird. "lets go swim." Alex groaned throwing his shirt away showing his muscular stomach.yum. we got into water and saw around as the other got cold and it was only me and Alex. "oops." Alex said as something wet hit my back. he was throwing me with mud. i started to throw him with it but he was better than me and i swam to deeper to was the mud off. Alex dived and suddenly i felt his shoulders on my legs and he carried me on his shoulders and i screamed and laughed and tried to get off. when we finally came back to others. i could feel the awkward and cold moment. Nathan was looking me with weird expression on his face as he narrowed his eyes and raised his eye brows to Alex who was smirking like idiot and Beth was looking me and she looked hurt. "whats up." Alex said. "nothing. lets go buy some ice cream." Eliza suggested and we agreed. "did i do something wrong at the beach?" i asked for Beth when the others were already eating their ice creams and we were inside the shop buying ourselves one. "um no.. but you know me and Alex used to date..." she told. "oh." i said. i liked Nathan not Alex but i couldn't tell my feelings to him. it was too complicated. if our parents wouldn't be together the thing would be different.   "hey Adriana can i get your number?" Alex asked. "sure." i smiled friendly to him and gave my number to him i could feel Nathan's eyes on me as i talked with Alex. soon was mine and Nathan's time to go back to my aunt. Alex texted to me and i answered i lied on my bed and talked to him Nathan came in and i put my phone to my desk. "so your aunt said there will be this carnival tomorrow." Nathan said sitting next to me. "yeah! its every summer i promise it will be so much fun." i said. "cool." he smiled. my phone beeped. "aren't you going to answer to that?" he asked. "yeah."I  said. taking my phone. "who it is?" he asked curiously. "its just Alex." i said. "oh i see." he said looking me and i could see him biting his lip. "well i will go get something to drink i'm thirsty." he said leaving the room like it was on fire. okay weird.  at morning with out knocking i walked to bathroom and started to brush my teeth. "um Adriana?" Nathan said with awkward smile on his face when he excited the shower only towel on his waist. "oh. sorry i didn't notice you." i said feeling my cheeks getting red. "its okay." he said taking his tooth brush and brushing his teeth too. "i need to shave these." he said pointing little beard what was growing on his face. i noticed it and giggled. "haha you look so funny."i said. "yeah yeah." he said. i couldn't help my self when my eyes find their way to his toned hard abs every time he noticed it and just winked to me. he was so handsome and looked sexy while shaving. i walked back to my room to change and get ready to the carnival. but all that i could think was Nathan. why did he have to be my mums boyfriends son?!


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