How we lost our minds

When Adriana starts to have feelings towards her best friend Nathan everything just gets complicated


2. part 2


i never really though that someone would actually read my story. but i'm glad that someone is reading this book. well this isn't really a book (yet) but anyways i have got some comments about updating a new chapter. so here it is! (thanks that you are reading this even that i'm crappy writer. and now i mean those awesome spelling mistakes  i make. that's because this isn't my mother language so, forgive me.)


- Adriana


as i woke up i was no longer in car. i was in room. i stood up from the bed and found my aunt showing some really horrible pictures of me when i was little kid. really? "oh! hi darling! i was just showing Nathan cute pictures of you!" Marie my aunt smiled as she saw me. "how long have i slept?" i asked. "oh just few hours, you looked so cute all wrapped around Nathan that,he carried you to bed to continue your nap." Marie said. cool.was i wrapped around Nathan? what else? "don't worry Adry you didn't drool. not much." Nathan teased as i sat next to him. "hey i didn't drool!" i  said. "yeah, you didn't." Nathan said with sarcasm. "hey! don't be mean." i pouted like little kid. "i'm sorry Adry." he said looking me sadly. he always went in my pouting trap. he really though i was sad. i smiled widely to him. "gosh! you did it again." he groaned. "awwn you guys are so cute. how long have you dated?" Marie asked. not this question again please. "Oh we aren't dating." Nathan said softly. "yeah, he is my best friend, remember." i said awkwardly. why was he only my bestfriend. "bestfriends." Nathan said quietly and i turned to look him with sock and he gave me a smile. okay?  "anyways, i have some tea and cookies." Marie said. "yes! i missed your cookies so much!" i said as she put the plate to sofa table. she made the best cookies. "i think you wont go swimming 'cause you have ate the hole plate full of those cookies." Nathan said playfully hitting my arm as we walked outside looking around. "are you calling me fat?" i  asked with fake hurt voice. his face dropped again. "i'm so hurt!" i  said and run away but strong arms caught me and i slipped and landed on to grass Nathan right next to me. "ouch!" i groaned. "sorry." Nathan said with baby voice. "you really have stop playing with my feelings by acting like you are hurt. it's really confusing." Nathan said turning to me. "what if i don't" i said smiling wickedly. "then i will...." he said. "you will?" i said with grin and making fun of him. "tickle you!" he said and his hands touched my stomach and i screamed. "okay okay okay! i will stop." i said with tears in my eyes from laughing. "good." he smirked and stopped. "this place is awesome." Nathan said as we walked to the lake. "i think we will have the best summer here." he said. "yeah." i said looking the beautiful lake. "hey!" we suddenly heard the voice behind us. "Adriana?" girl with brown hair asked. we saw two girls and two boys standing in front of us. "omg Beth?!" i said as i rushed to her and hugged her. i last saw her when i was here what was four years ago.she lives here near to my aunt. "who is your pretty friend?" guy with blond hair asked as had pulled away from the hug. "i'm Adriana." i said to him. he was cute and smiled to me as he looked me but Nathan was more cuter than he. Nathan! gosh. "this is Nathan." i said to Beth who waved to him and he waved back with friendly smile. "i'm Alex."  said the guy with Blond hair. "gosh Alex do have to be so flirty all the time." Beth said rolling her eyes. "you are just jealous." Alex smirked. and Beth rolled her eyes. "so this is Eliza and Simon." Beth said pointing the girl and guy. "so are you staying the hole summer?" Beth asked. "yeah." i said. "cool." Beth said. "Adry." Nathan said taping my shoulder. "yes Nat?" i asked as he stood quietly next to me. "didn't you aunt say that the dinner will be at six." he said pointing his clock. "oh yeah! sorry guys, we need to go." I said. "it's okay. well see you again!" Beth said. "okay. Bye." i said. "see you beautiful." Alex winked and i saw Nathan biting his teeth as he glared Alex. "everything okay?"i asked. "yeah."he said. the walk back to the house was silent Nathan didn't say anything he just stared to in front of him like he was thinking something really hard as he kept biting his teeth. 


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