How we lost our minds

When Adriana starts to have feelings towards her best friend Nathan everything just gets complicated


1. part 1

"you have five seconds time to run!" Nathan said looking me and trying to look scary, i didn't waste any second as i run so fast that i could to my room. soon my escape was cut by his hard chest what was against my back. "helpp mee!" i screamed as i was tackled on the floor and he landed on top of me and started to tickle me. "stoppppp!" i said while giggling like maniac. "never." he said smiling like lunatic. "stoppp or.." i said. "or what?" Nathan asked smirking and raise his eye brows. "or i wont ever talk to you again." i said. lame,Adriana really? couldn't  you think better than that? i though. he looked me with wide eyes. i gave him wicked grin. "Oh Nathan, i know that you can't live with out me." i teased rubbing his cheek and slapping it playfully. "you horrible girl." he fake cried while holding his red cheek.  "Adriana and Nathan! are you coming or what?!" my mum yelled from downstairs. "yeah yeah." i yelled back. still not moving and looking Nathan who was smiling. "okay let's go!" Nathan smiled and got up. i felt cold not being close to Nathan. i have suddenly started to feel weird around him. but i kinda liked the feeling. he pulled me of the floor.he hold my waist a while but then noticed how awkward it was so he unwrapped his arms around me. i followed Nathan downstairs. "the drive will be long. did you packed everything?" my mum asked. "yeah." i said same time with Nathan. we had summer break and my aunt who lives 4 hours away invited me and Nathan to hers. and let me just add this my Aunt is really rich she has this big house or i prefer Castle where she lives and its middle of woods near the lake. its really beautiful place and i would spend the hole summer with Nathan there. i couldn't wait. i sat in backseat Nathan next to me as my mum drove us there she was going to some business trip what was near so that was why she took us there normally we could go by train. Road never seemed to end i knew we still had like 3 and half hour left. i was tired.



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