The icy kingdom

Once there was a kingdom in the north. It was called The Icy Kingdom.

That was the young ponies fate....

My first book on the website:)


2. A Snowflake?

Chapter 1


The mysterious ponies p.o.v


A SNOWFLAKE? Is this really my cutie mark? All the others have awesome stuff like swords or a lightning, but a snowflake. Is this really meant to be my destiny? To play in the snow.

No it's not random, it came from the note i read. The icy kingdom, a kingdom that's destroyed by snow. I don't believe that it's real, It must be fictional. I just don't know what went wrong, why this is my destiny.

I walk downstairs to the library were my best friend lives. His mom is the one who owns it. The library is really small but nice. There are all the books you need and nothing more. It was there I found the letter that's now my cutie mark.


"Sup?" My best friend, who's name is Magical waves smiles, while holding a book about Ponyville. "Well only the fact that I just got my cutie mark." I look like i ate a sour apple. "YOU GOT YOUR CUTIEMARK!?" He smiles like the time he got his own. "But why do you look so sad?" I look down "You got a book with a sword! It's cool and it is really your destiny! Well I got this." I move my tail from the flank, i hope he doesn't laugh. "A snowflake? Shouldn't you have got a sword, or something like that? That's what you are really good at!" I sit down on a couch beside me. "It came from a letter about the icy kingdom." "The icy what now?" I try to hold the tears back. "It doesn't matter. I'll just have to live with it for the rest of my life...." "Don't be so sad," he puts his hoof on my shoulder. "Nopony in school cares about what cutiemark you have, as long as you have one."


He was wrong...... I've always been bullied, but now when I have a snowflake on my flank, they became even more harsh! Especially Thunder Storm. I hate all of them. It was a normally sweet girl called Kiki who saw it first. I hate her too... I can't live like this.... Not for the rest of my life.... That's why I decided that I'll wear the black cape for the rest of my life...... And then that I won't tell anyone my name.

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