I know nothing of what is a nightmare. I only know they are a nightmare. Trapping us in the fear-induced fake reality until we force ourselves awake. Who controls the nightmares? They say its created by our mind. But who creates it? Someone who watches us in silence? A silent companion? Perhaps so.


1. nightmare

~~The word trickled off my lips like silk. Images of sleepless nights and terror filled thoughts flashed across my empty mind. I turn to my left as I heard my name in soft whisper. Nothing. It's always nothing. No matter how hard I look, no one is ever there. I close my eyes as the harsh winds of winter blow past my body, leaving it littered with chill bumps and that dreaded shivering. One could only dream of what's really happening in our minds as nightmares happen. Where do they come from? Why?
~~ I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare. They stopped a long time ago. Back then, I was scared of everything. It was always the same nightmare, I knew that. Giant spiders invading my house, me getting trapped in a corner as the scene changed to my room as I realize I had scared myself awake. By now I had finally wandered back into my old home, the floorboards creaking with every step. They were brand new. So why not have my fear-induced life come with me as I dream? Why? To think deeper into this, we have to realize that nightmares are created by our minds. Or are they?
 ~~Have you ever talked aloud, mostly when you are alone? I have. It seems comforting, doesn't it? But what if you aren't alone? What about the hairs standing up at end when a sudden breeze comes by, but no windows are open? That happens a lot, even if you are sure its air conditioning. My air conditioning is never on. I hear soft mewl and look down to see my cat. Of course it was black. I don't believe in superstitions. My cat is like a companion.

~~What if we have a silent companion that follows us everywhere we go? What if we don't see it because during some point of our early lives, we promised not to look? Don't you remember? Those tea parties you had when you were little. You were for sure your mom was behind you, watching over, only for you to turn around and nothing's there. "Sorry, I won't look. Promises." Don't you remember saying that? Or did your companion erase that of your mind. If you remember, like me, you have a persistent mind. If you don't remember, don't worry. That is your backup plan.

 ~~Maybe our silent companion controls our mind. Then explain why I don't get nightmares. Maybe my silent companion has died. They all do at point. When we become unafraid. When we break our promise to not look. That rustle in the bushes. The gentle yet harsh breeze swaying the trees. Our companion has to hide, or it dies. That is it's only way of survival. Think about it. You hear something call your name, and you look. You hear a disturbance in the trees, and you look. Everywhere you go and something curious happens, you look. You've seen it before. And when you do, it dies. It isn't supposed to be seen. Mine might've died, but does that mean a new one will come? Will someone else's companion become mine too? When we are young, we are born curious.
~~ Curiousness can be a strength and a weakness. So tell me, the next time you feel the sudden breeze, turn around and look. What do you see?
 ~~If you even dare, call out to it, say its name. For you experience it everyday. And when you do, don't forget. They are watching.

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