Exo imagines

just some Exo imagines please comment below what you think and if you have an idea i would love to see it


4. Xiumin and Kai

you're name is Judy and you're bestfriend is Emma, you have a crush on your BFF brother Xiumin (you pov)

you are in Emmas house and eating snacks and drinking pepsi, Emma asks "why are we always in my house?" you smile and answer "well i like your house it's warm and cozy" that was just one big lie you always choose to be in her home beacause you like Xiumin, Emma laughs and says "well alright" Emma's mom comes into the livingroom and says "girls im out here in 2 min. Xiumin will babysit you, i will be home around 11 pm or 12 pm" Emma nod and says "mom we are 16 years old we don't need an babysitter" her mom laugh and says "well you're not an adult" Emma sticks her tongue out and says "Xiumin is not an adult" her mom laughs again and says "well he's 18 years old and he's gonna babysit you" Emma rolls her eyes and her mom shout "Xiumin come out here" Xiumin comes running and asks "what mom" she smiles and says "watch your sister" her mom goes out of the door and Xiumin sits down and take some chips, you are just about to die you carefully looks at him and he looks at you and smile you smile back and Xiumin asks "so what are you girls doing?" Emma rolls her eyes and answer " eat and talk" Xiumin laughs and exclaim "show some respect Emma" Emma shakes her head and says "well my boyfriend is here" you raise an eyebrow and asks "Kai?" she nod and goes out to open the door and comes back in with Kai. Kai mumbles "hey" you smile and Xiumin shakes his head and says "well im in my room" Xiumin goes to his room and Emma sits down and so do Kai. You guys sit and talk but slowly Emma ignores you and she forget that you are there and she starts making out with Kai, you roll your eyes and goes to her room and sit listening to music Xiumin passes by and see you and he asks "why are you sitting here alone" you bite your lower lip and look at him and answer "well she is having some privat time with her boy" Xiumin sigh and mumbles "she kinda forgot you right?" you nod and are amazed that you can talk to him without sounding stupid, he sits down beside you and says "well the i'll keep you acompany" you give him a big smile and he smiles back, he moves a little closer to you and whisper in your ear "i know you like me" you look at him with big eyes and exclaim "whaaaat?" he laughs cheeky and says "no lie! don't deny it!" you start blushing and you try to deny it "i don't like you i barely know you" he gives you a wry smile and whisper "you actually do by my sis, and why always in Emma and my house and all time you are here you accidentlly bumps into me" you blush and probably looks like an red tomato you still try to deny it "i don't like you Xiumin oppa seriously" he gives you a devious smile and whisper "wait here" he goes out of the room and into his room and when he comes back he has a book that looks familiar, and then you see it, it's your diary and you exclaim "thats mine" he laughs and says "i know my sister gave it to me" you raise your eyebrows and asks "what?" he just smiles and says "she was suspicious about you liking me" you sigh and shout "fine i like you! go tell everyone you know" he raise an eyesbrow and says "why would i tell everyone you are nice girl" you are confused and you shout "im going home bye" you walks out of the room but Xiumin grab your hand and pull you close to him and slowly you can feel his lips are coming closer to your lips and he kisses you and suddenly you hear Emma shout "congrats" you look at Emma and asks "what you set this up?" she nod and explain "i knew you liked him and my brother thought you were cute, so i told him he actually knows all your secrets! i almost never fight with Xiumin we tell each other things" you smile and gives her a hug and Xiumin says "well wanna be my girlfriend" you smile and nod and goes back to him and gives him a kiss.    

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