Exo imagines

just some Exo imagines please comment below what you think and if you have an idea i would love to see it


6. Suho

“Aish… I hate this” you mutter and look at your homework

“What’s wrong sis?” Kris asks and looks at you

“It’s just this science thing, you wouldn’t know Wu Fan” you smirk and laugh

“Suho can help you! he’s really good at science” Kris replies and sigh

“Who said my stage name” Suho suddenly exclaims and walks in

“Me” Kris replies and smile

“Oh okay! What’s up Hyung?” Suho says and raise an eyebrow

“Could you help my…” Kris says

“NO” you interrupt and burst out in laugh

“Why not?” Kris ask

“Because I can handle it myself” you answer and sigh

“I know, but just let him sis” Kris says and looks at you

“Fine” you mutter and sigh.


You and Suho sit and make the Science homework

“Finally done” you exclaim and smile

“Do you hate me?” Suho asks and raise an eyebrow

“No! Why would you think that?” you answer

“You’re kinda blocking me out every time I want to talk to you” he says and sigh

“No I don’t” you exclaim and frown

“Well you didn’t want my help, but you let Luhan help you with Chinese” he replies with a smirk

“He’s one of the Chinese member and Lay, Tao and Kris was busy” you say kinda annoyed

“You didn’t let me help you with math last week, but when Kyungsoo offered help you said yes” he shouts angry

“Um… Why does it matter Suho?” you ask annoyed

 You know that it will piss him off when you call him by his stage name

“It matters because I wanna know what I did to you since you hate me” he shouts angrier

“I don’t hate you! Don’t shout at me” you shout back

“How will I know that you’re telling the truth” he says and frown

“Well… I don’t know” you reply and look down

He takes your chin up by his hand and looks into your eyes

“Tell me the truth” he whispers

“I… I can’t” you answer and walk away into Luhan’s room


“Hey!? Thanks for knocking” Luhan exclaims when you walk into his room

“I can’t take it” you shout

“What’s wrong girl?” Luhan asks worried

“Kim! Suho! Is wrong” you exclaim

“Keep it down! What do you mean? You like him” Luhan replies and looks at you

Suddenly Chanyeol walks in

“Hey sorry Hyung but have you seen my phone?” Chanyeol says and looks around

“No not really” Luhan replies and shake his head

   “What’s wrong? And what are you doing here?” Chanyeol asks and looks at you

“Well she is having crush-problem” Luhan answers

“Uh who’s she crushing on?” Chanyeol ask and looks excited

“Junmyeon” Luhan answer

“Aish Oppa!” you shout and frown

“Wait Junmyeon as in Suho?” Chanyeol asks

“Yep” Luhan answer and laugh

“Aish… oppa! Why?” you shout and fake cry

“Don’t worry you can trust me!” Chanyeol smirk

“See?” Luhan says while laughing

“But I know that Junmyon also likes you” Chanyeol says

“Wait! What?” you exclaim

“SUHO COME HERE!” Luhan shouts very loud

“Luhan!” you shout and look at him

Suho comes in and Chanyeol and Luhan runs out and lock the door, you and Suho looks at each other and there’s an awkward silence

“Suho talk about your feelings with her” Chanyeol shout behind the door

Suho doesn’t say a thing you sigh

“Junmyon oppa?” you say quietly

“Yes” he answers and starts rubbing his neck

“I want to be your Jagiya” you whisper

“What?” Suho ask confused

“I… um like you” you say and start blushing

“Jagiya” he whispers, he pulls you closer by waist and looks into your eyes, and you bite your lower lip.

 His breathing gets heavier and his lips comes closer to yours, he finally kisses you.

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