Exo imagines

just some Exo imagines please comment below what you think and if you have an idea i would love to see it


1. Luhan

your name is Jessica you been best-friends with Luhan in 6 years and you have a massive crush on him (your pov)


you are wating for Luhan in the park, you guys have agreed to meet there and of course Luhan is late again. typical. you check your phone to see if theres is any masseges from him but no, you are getting impatient but then you hear a famliar voice that says "hey Jess sorry im late" you smile and says "hi Luhan oppa, you are always late" he laughs awkwardly and mumbles "yeah i know" you give him and hug and whisper in his ears "it's okay" you sit down on a bench and Luhan says "can i ask you something?" you nod and he goes on "well there's this girl that i really like and i don't know if i should tell her, cause i dont wanna ruin my friendship with her" the words goes through you head and you feel like someone just punch your stomach but you smile and answer "well the girl you like is lucky go tell her big guy" he nod and says "oh okay thanks Jess im gonna go tell her right away see yaa" he runs and you sit there and starts tearing up, why didn't he like you, what was wrong with you a tear dropped and start raining and shout for yourself "seriously" you sit in the rain and cry but then someone tap you on the shoulder, you turn your head and Luhan stands there with a chocolate box and flowers and he asks "why you sitting here in the rain" you sigh and answer well i just found out that this guy i liked dosen't like me" he looks down and says "well i don't know if this is a good time, but Jess i love you" you look at him with big eyes and shout "whaaaat?" he smiles carefully and says "but you don't really love me do you?" you smile and shout "you are the guy that i like" he looks confused and says "me?" you nod and say "i though you like a anorher girl" he laughs and mumbles "the girl is you" he looks into your eyes and suddenly you lips are touching, your butterflies in you belly goes crazy and Luhan asks "wanna be my girl?" you nod and kiss him again. 

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