Exo imagines

just some Exo imagines please comment below what you think and if you have an idea i would love to see it


3. Kris and Sehun

your name is April your starting in high school after summer break, before the summer break you had brown hair classen and braces, you were bullied because of that. but you come back with black hair no glasses and braces. you still have a big crush on Kris and you best friend is Sehun (your pov)


it's your first day your nervous, then you see Sehun and you run over to him and say "Sehun oppa" he looks at you and exclaims "holy crap! what happend here?" you spin and say quitely "i change a bit" he nod. You guys walk in and you can see that alot of eyes are on you, then you spot Kris he looks at you and get eye contact, you smile and walk over to your locker and open it, you see Kris is coming over you start getting butterflyes in your stomach, you close your locker and Kris comes over and says "hi April right?" you smile and mumbles "yes" you get a massenge and you say "excuse for a moment Kris oppa" Kris nod and the massenge is from Sehun "Confident April" you smile and put you phone in your pocket and Kris says "you look cute" all you wanna do is jumb around but say "well thanks, but why are you first paying attention to me now?" Kris bites his lower lip and answer "well you've change" you raise an eyebrow and say cheeky "so?" Kris looks nervous and he says "wanna go on date" you heart is beating and about to jumb out of you chest but you are playing hard to get and say "so sweet but no" Kris raise both his eyebrows and exclaims "why?" you get a little scared of his voice but answer "well there obviously better things then you Kris oppa" you walk away from him and over to Sehun and whisper "omg Sehun i just rejected Kris Wu" Sehun looks at you with big eyes and exclaims "seriuosly?" you nod and Sehun give you a hug and says "im so proud of you" you smile and Katy your best girl friend says "April is that you" you turn around and she shout "it is you" she gives you a hug and you say "Eonni hi" then Kris shout "April come here" you look over at Kris and you say to Katy "let's talk later" you walk over and Kris says "why won't you go on a date with me please i beg you" you smile and say "fine pick me up tonight 7 pm" Kris smile and says okay see you tonight then. Kris walks away with his crew and past Sehun but then Kris hears Sehun is talking on phone with someone and Sehun says "man i don't know, April wants Kris not me" Kris looks at Sehun and call him over "Sehun come here" Sehun hang up the phone and walk over to Kris and Kris says "stay away from April mister" Sehun raise an eyebrow and asks "why should i? you don't own her" Kris punch Sehun in the face and says "you heard me stay away" Kris walks away and Sehun are trying to cover up his nose bleeding but then you see him and you run over to him and shout "what happend oppa?" Sehun try to smile and answer "i walk into a locker" you burst out in a laugh and says "you're so clumsy" you find some paper in you bag and give it to him, he takes it and says "thanks".

After school you go home and you take a shower and put a dress on and some makeup, the clock is 7 pm and Kris is down the street you run out and see Kris he smiles and says "wow princess you look adoreable" you blush and say "thanks oppa" he open the car door for you and you guys drive to a fancy restaurant, you order some food and you feel like it's heaven, but then Kris phone ring and he says "i gotta take this be right back" you nod and he walks away, you go after him and then you hear him saying "well Sehun is not getting near April anymore i punch him, the boy have a crush on my girl" you run back to your table and feel like hell he comes back and says "im back" you look at him with a cold face and says "and im out, you freaking idiot" Kris looks confused and asks "what did i do?" you give him a fake smile and you shout "you punch Sehun" you run out and get a taxi home to Sehun you ring the doorbell and his mom open the door and you say politely "hi miss can i speak to Sehun" she smiles and answer "sure come in, he is in his room" you nod and say " thanks" you get to his bedroom door and are about to knock but then you hear him singing "April you are what i need, but now you're gone with some other guy" you open the door and Sehun looks at you and exclaim "hi what are you doing" you smile and give him a quick kiss and say "why didn't you tell the truth" Sehun looks at you and says "i dont know" you cuddle his hair and says "Kris is an idiot, he punch you" Sehun sigh and asks "does the mean you are my girl?" you smile and nod and give him kiss.  




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