Exo imagines

just some Exo imagines please comment below what you think and if you have an idea i would love to see it


5. Chanyeol (dirty)


you're boyfriend is Chanyeol you been together 1 year. you're name is Dana (Chanyeol pov) i tried to write in a different way you like or nah?


"hey Chanyeol let's drink" Dana said with joy

"no you are too young" i smirked while shaking my head

"im not too young and for you info. im 20 years old" she said while pouting. adorable

"okay the let's drink gosh" i replied while admiring her

"Great oppa, i'll get the drinks" she said and ran out to our refrigerator, she came back with 6 bottles

"what with you girl? are going to get drunk?" i asked while looking at the 6 bottles

"no! maybe! it depends" she replied while trying to g open one of the bottles 

"let me help you with that sweetie" i took it and open it with the table

"that was cool! teach me please oppa" she said while clapping kinda childish 

"next time sweetie honey" i said 

"okay" she replied

"let's drink up" i said 


i had emptied 3 bottle i was not drunk yet, but Dana was

"go sleep Dana" i said while cleaning the table 

"no no mister im gonna see the sun go down in purple" she replied

"you're really drunk LOL" i shouted 

"no no im not Yeolchan" she said while rolling around on the floor

"Dana you drunk, and my name is Chanyeol come on let's go sleep" i replied

"okay carry me boyfriend" she said while she streched her arms towards me

"okay! come here" i replied i grabbed her and carried her i was about to put her down on the bed but suddenly she kissed me, she kissed me very passionatly and started wraping her arms on my neck, i slowly laid her in the bed, and pulled away.

"what's the problem? am i a bad kisser?" she asked while blicking her eyes cutely 

"you're drunk and no" i replied while i sighed

she just smiled at me. she leaned towards me and went down on my pants.

"oh hell no! i know what you are upto" i shouted while pointing finger on him

"please oppa" she said with an angel voice while opening my zipper 

"Dana behave i mean it" i said with a commanding voice, but did she listen nope and before i knew it she was stroking my p!n!s. i let out a moan 

"damn it! you and i are gonna have a long talk later where you gonna pay for this" i said in gritted teeth. I grabbed her neck and kissed her, she responded to my kiss

"oppa" she said between our kiss. i stopped kissing her

"what Dana?" i asked 

"blowjob?" she asked while smiling sexy to me

"are you out of you mind? no" i replied

"why? you such chicken" she said while stroking my p!n!s

"im not a chicken" i said frustrating

"okay blowjob it is" she said 

she knelt and were licking it again and again

"oh... Dana... im about to come" i moaned

she just kept licking and sucking it, and i climax and she kissed me 

"im not drunk Chanyeol, i just wanted to pleasure you" she said 

"you did better than great now let's sleep sweetie" i said 








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