The Maze Runner Competition Entry

This is my entry for the Maze runner competition.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to the sounds of rumbling. I sat up and saw that Rhys and Thom had heard it too. The sky was collapsing! Dust and small bits of rubble came tumbling down from what we thought was the sky but was actually a room or ceiling of some kind. The doors had already opened so the maze was in full vision. We were scared, all of us rushing around grabbing belongings and food/water and family. I was the first one to spot it but as soon as I did I yelled it.

"People!" I yelled.

A boy was running round the corner at immense speed and after an few seconds an entire load of people were running behind him. He came in and sorted us into groups just as big bits were starting to fall. Group 1 was leaving into the maze just as a huge chunk fell and squashed Group 5. I was in Group 3 at the moment but soon I was pushing along the maze walls amongst hundreds of people. The roof was collapsing on people but it couldn't be helped. We could only go forward. The boy lead us through the maze until we cam to an opening in the ground. He took a running leap and jumped into the hole. All the people that came with him copied. So as soon as they had gone I jumped in after. People started to jump down and we all landed in a room with lots of white pods. We ran through a hall, down a corridor and walked into a room. There was a sweet-looking dead boy on the floor and a lot of blood and glass. We ran down more and more halls, all of the collapsing at some point. We kept on running until we came into a room with a shimmery grey wall.

"This is a flat trans. Otherwise just a teleporter. Walk into it and we won't know where we go apart from the fact it's safe and will be our new home. Go  through and live or stay behind and die. This building is getting blown up!"

I help people go through the 'flat trans' until it was only me, Rhys and the people who lead us here. I wanted to help but I got pushed through by Rhys just as 3 people came in and the people who lead us here got ready to fight. Through the 'flat trans' there was a beautiful island with a beach, a wood, a hill and flat land for us to build on. This was a new beginning...

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