The Maze Runner Competition Entry

This is my entry for the Maze runner competition.


2. Chapter 2

All was dark once again. I heard voices around me saying things. I opened my eyes a little to see what was going on. I was lying on a bed in a roughly made house. People surrounded me, talking to each other. Someone yelled 'she's awake' and everyone turned to look at me. The note had been taken from my hands. ''How long have I been asleep?'' I asked a tall, muscular boy. ''12 days,'' replied a short boy with a buzz cut. 'Wow,' I thought 'that's quite a while.' I was curious to find out about this place so I asked if I could take a walk, to stretch my legs. They were worried, obviously, that I would faint or something, so they sent for someone to walk with me. While they were worrying over who would walk with me, I silently slipped out the door.

As I walked out of the badly made house, I was welcomed by a summer warmth. The place was full! We were in a stone box, covered in vines, with a huge gap in the wall on each side. But there was one slight problem. Everyone, except for me, was a male. I didn't seem to mind though, and neither did they. There was a feeling about the place, one that felt like home. In one corner of the box there was a forest full of thick leaves that made a dark canopy. In the corner next to the forest was the oddly shaped house in which I came out of. Opposite was a red barn house and next to that was a farm full of ripe, delicious crops.

After I finished gazing at what would hopefully be my new home, I turned around to see a boy around my age staring at me.

''Hi,'' I said.

'' Hello,'' he replied, ''I'm Rhys. Whats your name?''

''I'm Mille. Im new here and have no clue what to do.'' 

''  Just stick with me you'll be fine. I'm new too. But when you got here, when we lifted you from out of the box, you said my name. Why?

'' Did I? I can't remember anything apart from something. Let me try it out.''

I cleared my mind and thought about Rhys. I thought of the words 'Your weird.' and thought of them being sent to Rhys.

''Did you hear that?!'' he asked.

''Hear what?''

'' Someone said 'your weird' to me!''

It worked! I did the same but for the words ' It's only me silly! Mille! I think we can talk through our minds!.

He obviously heard it, because he started to look at me in a strange way.

''How do you do that?!'' he exclaimed.

I told him how to do it through telepathy and we practised. After a few goes he manged to send the words 'You smell like salami!' in which we lauged at, someone had finally noticed i was gone. I got sent to a brick building the other side of the wooden house to meet Frypot and get some food. After that I got given a sleeping bag and a torch and got sent to explore some more. I decided to find Rhys.

After I found him with his friend Thom we lay down our sleeping bags and sat down. Thom ran off  toget some apples to snack on while we chatted. While he was gone, tall, strong people can running in from all of the doors and went straight in to a small, gray, concrete building next to the box. It was rather strange and I was curious to find out more, but I didn't want to ruin the moment. 

Thom came back and we all sat down on our sleeping bags eating the apples, chatting, while the sun setted behind the east gap. Just as the last rays of sun dissapeared behind the stone wall the gaps in the wall began to close, like a door. It was a mesmerising sight, but I couldn't help wondering why the doors closed, what was out there that we were being protected from. Just as the east door almost closed, I saw a glimpse of light, machines and fat. I was exausted from the day I had had, so I lay down next to my two new friends and fell asleep wondering what would happen tomorrow.

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