The Maze Runner Competition Entry

This is my entry for the Maze runner competition.


1. Chapter 1

It was pitch black when I awoke. I was in a lift riding up at a ridiculous speed. For some reason I couldn't remember anything apart from my name. Mille. I tried to see if there was anything familiar about that, anything that could trigger my memory, but nothing came. I sat in the lift for about an hour Just staring at the cage I was in. I couldn't escape, the only exit, a heavy metal door that was too heavy for me to lift.

I sat back down on the bumpy floor and realised I had pockets in my peach jogging bottoms. I shoved my hands into my pockets, and in the left pocket I found a piece of paper. On it, it said 'Everything is about to change'. Suddenly the lift jerked, coming to a halt, as if to say I shouldn't have found the piece of paper. I was knocked unconscious against the ground just before the lift doors opened up to a bright shining light...

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