My Hero

"I didn't know superheroes existed." I said to the masked figure.

He cupped my cheeks. "Well, believe it, because we do."

He lightly kissed my knuckles before fleeing away into the night.


5. chapter 5

I opened my sleepily eyes, I felt a body slightly move from under me. Their arms seemed to be wrapped around me tightly and I couldn't escape their grasps.

When my vision began to clear, I saw Luke snoozing under me. My eyes was filled with shock and I nearly screamed from the sight.

I tried to get out of his arms, but it's seemed like they only seem to tighten more. His breath fanned my neck and it took me a while before I got comfortable in this position.

Then I noticed that we were in his car, resting in he backseat

All of sudden, Luke was awoke. "Oh you're awake."


"Sorry about this, um, position." Heat began to blaze all over his cheeks.

"Umm, it's fine, I guess." I said, clearly embarrassed.

We untangled ourself from each other and sat up, a small, fair distance away from each other.

"So what do we call this?" Luke asked me, filling the silence.

"I don't know." I bet I looked really ugly with my bed hair and, morning breath doesn't make it any better.

"Well," Luke gently held my face to him. "Do you like me because I really like you."

I was speechless. My mind turned blank and I couldn't think of anything.

"I do like you, a lot but," I sadly sighed. "I don't know if I'm looking for a relationship."

I felt like the blonde hair, blue eyed boy was stopping me from liking Luke. The person who rescued me seemed to be attracting me, holding me down.

"Oh." He lamented."

"I'm sorry Luke." Here goes the cliche saying. "We can still be friends."

"Yeah. I'll like that."

Then he picked up his phone. "Hey Calum."

Luke started talking to Calum for a minute or two.

"Sorry Adalyn but I got to go now." He looked at me apologetic but his eyes screened sadness.

He dropped me off at my house before driving away.

Strange, his phone didn't even ring.

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