My Hero

"I didn't know superheroes existed." I said to the masked figure.

He cupped my cheeks. "Well, believe it, because we do."

He lightly kissed my knuckles before fleeing away into the night.


4. chapter 4

Masked Heroes Bring Justice.

I stared at the papers. A clear picture of my saviour and his crew was plastered on the front page.

My breath was taken away. This group has rescued so much people that I can't even count all of them on my fingers!

The photo of them fighting crime was amazing but what really was terrific was my very own hero.

His team mates faded away compared to him. His face contorted in pure concentration and his muscles flexed at every punch and kick.

Wow! This picture is really worth a thousand words.

I sighed dreamily. My hero really was.... Dreamy.

And brave. And beautiful. And strong. And smart. And so much more.

Then my phone started blaring noisily. "Hello?"


"Luke?" I said to the phone. "Why are you calling?"

He hesitated before replying. "Well, I was hoping if you want to do the do over date tonight?"

A shy grin stretched on my lips and my cheeks heated up. Fortunately he was not there. "Sure. I love to."

A sigh of relief escaped his lips. "So I'll pick you at eight?"

"Sure, okay." And he hung up.

Once I was sure the call had ended, I raced up to my bedroom to get ready. Luckily, I had just showered so I was still fresh and clean.

Pulling out a pair of new denim jeans, I slipped into them. Then, I took out a shirt that said, "I like taking long romantic walks to the fridge.".

When I first saw this, it really cracked me up.

I changed into the T-shirt and put on some converses. Now, I was nearly done so all I needed to do was put on a bit of make up to look more presentable and pretty.

I applied lipstick over my mouth and penciled the edge of my eyes. Using mascara, I thicken my eyelashes.

Now I was finished!

All I needed to do was wait for Luke and this time, thankfully, he arrived.

He was wearing a button up shirt, paired with worn out jeans. He looked, well, wow!

He handed me a single red rose and my cheeks burned up. That small gesture was very,very romantic.

"You look beautiful." Said Luke, with a shy smile.

"Y-you too." I blushed once more. "I mean, you look very handsome!"

I mentally slapped myself.

Luke letted out a laugh. "Well, thank you."

He grabbed my hand and lightly dragged me to his car. "Is that a Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Coupe?" I traced my hand against the edge of the car with amazement.

Luke chuckled. "Well you know your cars."

He opened the door and slipped me in the passenger seat before entering the driver's seat.

"So where are we going?" I asked, full of curiosity

"Haven't you heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat?" Said Luke, clearly amused.

I rolled my eyes. "Luckily a cat has nine lives."

Luke ignored me. "It's a surprise."

I groaned loudly. "I hate surprises." Wow, this date is kind of cliche with the surprise thing.

I closed my eyes and blackness invaded my sight.


When I opened my eyes, a small, busy carnival appeared in front of me.

I gasped.

"Wow," I muttered. "The last time I went to a place like this, was when I was like, five."

"Well, I'm glad to be the next person to take you here in such a long time." Luke smiled at me, kindly.

Once we walked inside, Luke asked. "What do you want to do tonight first?"

I rubbed my hands, embarrassingly. "Since it's been a long time since I been here, I don't remember anything."

"How about we go on..."


Luke and I had been on all the rides and have tried all the food. It was such a fantastic experience.

Only one ride left to go. The Ferris wheel.

We waited in line and finally we were transported inside a cart.

"You ready?" Luke clamped my hand.

I nodded. "As ready as I ever can be."

The cart started ascending into the air. I could see all the buildings and people under the night sky.

Then fireworks started popping in the night blanket. "Wow. This is really cliche."

Luke agreed. "Yeah. On a Ferris wheel. Fireworks."

Then my eyes met his. I was drawn to him. Then he started leaning in and before I know it, I was too.

Then my lips gently touched his. We moved our lips in sync.

I know this sounded so cliche but, it was like fireworks. Sparks!

Luke grasped my waist and pulled me in. I messed his hair with my hand. My other hand, around his neck.

The kiss was gentle and passionate. It was just plain beautiful.

We were touching lips like it was oxygen.

Then I gasped of pleasure. His tongue slipped in and we fought for dominance, ended up of him winning.

Our tongues danced in sync.

Then we pulled away for a deep breath. Our eyes never leaving each other.

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