"What will you do? Burn me?" He asks chuckling. I grab his neck and put my lips near his ear. I exhale making him shiver.

"I will hang you with your own intestines. Goodbye." I let go staring into those dark eyes, waiting to hear the door close. I then get dressed and start the day.


3. chapter 3

Its been a week since my meeting with Mycroft Holmes, and I realized I have done nothing major to get attention. I pouted realizing I had no attention on me. I then called Davidson.

"Hello?" A woman answered. I shrugged it off.

"It's Isis, can you come over?"

"Who are you?" She asks snarkily.

"I'm Erik's boss, and I need his assistance. Who are you?" I ask her.

"His girlfriend."

"Really? Finally he got someone. Take care of him for me, but first tell him to come over so we can talk about the business."

"A-Alright." I hear rummaging and then mumbles. I'm guessing she put the phone against her shoulder to block out all the sound. More rummaging.

"Hello?" Davidson answers.

"Davidson, we need to do something. We can't lose all of our fans. We need attention on us." I feel him smile.

"So that means.."

"Yes, the dynamic duo is back." I laugh with him.

"Alright. Thanks boss." I hang up and wait for him.

A good ten minutes later he comes in. I smile at him.

"First we need a target, then I wanna do a kill. I wanna be back on the field." I tell him. He nods and jumps up in glee.

When I said I didn't like my hands dirty, I lied. Sometimes I need to let go.

"Actually, I want to give a warning to Moriarity. We need to find someone who looks like him." I tell Davidson calling a taxi. We sit in and then tell him to drive us to the club.

"Which pub?" I shrug.

"The best one in London." He nods and drives us. We arrive and I go to the bouncer. I look at him, he looks like moriarity enough. That was easy. I look and realize no one was in line. I shrug it off.

"I'm a tourist and I need some help around. This is my brother benji. Can you help me?"

"What do you need?" He asks me annoyed.

"Nevermind.." I see Davidson behind him. I nod, and the bouncer goes out cold.

I go to the park where I met Mr. Holmes. I smile to see it empty. Then again, it was pretty late. I pull a knife out from my boot. I start cutting in his lower back. You see, I was really good at science, and chemistry. Meaning I'm really good at the human anatomy. I remember what I told Moriarity.

'I'll choke you with your own intestines. Goodbye'

I am gonna keep my promise.I pull out this guys intestines and hang him with them. He must've been out cold if he didn't feel that. I then wrote a note on the floor in his blood.

'Jim Moriarity, I will keep my promise. This man looked like you, thought it would be fun. We should meet up sometime.' I then did my criminal signature, which was a drawing of a sun disk with cow's horns.

(A/N: That is one of the symboles for the egyptian goddess Isis. Thought it was appropriate.)

I clean my hand off, and walk with Davidson. Once I am clean, I bump into someone. I look up to see one of my very few idols, Irene Adler.

"Oh wow. Your prettier in person." I state smiling. She looks at me.

"Thank you."

"Miss Adler, a dominatrix. Amazing one at that apperently. I'm Isis. Canadian Criminal." I go to shake her hand. She shakes it. She looks at me.

"I've heard of you. Pleasures all mine." I smile at her. I then kiss her hand.

"I must leave. Here's my card." I then walk away with davidson.

"Who was she?" He asks me. I chuckle at him.

"A woman who I respect." He turns to me shocked. He knows the only people I respected where my workers.


"I said it. She's a gorgeous woman. Dominatrix. Works for moriarity yet, such a smart minx."


"She's very powerful and ruthless. More like me." His eyes widen, and I chuckle.

"Now, you tell me who your girlfriend is." He groans.

"A woman."

"No shit really?"

"Her name is Molly Hooper. She isn't my girlfriend."

"Oh no? She said you were."

"Trying to make a co-worker jealous. Some Sherlock Holmes guy."

"Sherlock Holmes? May I meet him?" He shrugs.

"We were only at her workplace."

"Bring me."

"Next time." I sigh and nod.

"Ask her tomorrow." He shrugs again.

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