"What will you do? Burn me?" He asks chuckling. I grab his neck and put my lips near his ear. I exhale making him shiver.

"I will hang you with your own intestines. Goodbye." I let go staring into those dark eyes, waiting to hear the door close. I then get dressed and start the day.


2. chapter 2

I pack up my laptop, then go to a café called speedy's. It was loud and filled with people. I just ignore everyone, and sit in a booth. I order an expresso and open my baby.

I start typing in the very long access code. I hear the ping of my computer starting. I then go on my favourite website, 55678999910.

Its a sort of website where anyone can see criminal activity, but only the criminals and governments know.I then type in a long access code to hack into the database. I see what I need and smile.

I finish my expresso, pay then leave. I sit in a small park and type away, hacking into the two biggest databases in the country.I finish and laugh, waiting for the commotion to begin.

I just hacked the british government and Jim Moriarity in less than an hour. Finally many government cars and even a helicopter come to me, and I just smirk.

"Put your hands up, or we shall take you by force." I hear a hesitant voice state.

"I like force, gives me a little excitement." I yell back giggling. I get escorted to the helicopter and pop in.

"Hello boys."

"Who are you and how did you hack into our files?" A man asks, all in black and holding an umbrella.

"Such a shame you haven't kept tabs on me. I've been a naughty girl." I say winking. The man gulps and glares.

"Isis. Class A criminal, canadian, single." I wink again causing him to scoff.

"Class A criminal?" Another man asks, younger than the first.

"Yes, right under mr. Moriarity. I've allowed myself to do some legwork for this mission." I blink at them and smile.

"Ugh legwork..." The old one mutters.

"Well I did my introductions. Who are you and what do you rank in the british government?" I ask.

"Mycroft Holmes. I am the government."

"Liam Wenson. Assistant #2." He says. I nod.

"But back to your statement, legwork for what Kind of mission?"

"A mission that would make me a goddess amongst criminals. I've sworn myself to be the one to kill Mr. Moriarity." Mycroft starts chuckling.

"How would you do that?" He asks, thinking it would be impossible.

"I am richer than the queen mr. Holmes. All my men were homeless before I taught them and cared for them. For this mission all 70 of my men got 1 million pounds each, curtsy of me. We are a family united no matter if by blood or not. My best sniper has great memory. Can remember every crevice of every street corner in every city in the world. All I needed was to help his aim and I'm done." Mycroft nods.

"Of course. We still need to arrest you Miss...."

"Iris that is all."

"Miss Iris."

"That won't be necessary." I state.

"I can give you all the money you need, all the money you want. And I am not gonna need to corrupt your government. Not yet at least."

"What do you mean?" The assistant asked me, confused.

I sigh then look at them.

"Mr. Holmes, the only time I corrupt a government is when they ask me to. I get colourful deaths, woo the world, then money comes in from reporters and all that jazz. I then steal 50% of the money earned and walk away without a problem."

"Because I can state the government asked me to do it for the money." I say. Mycroft nods.

"Well you shouldn't arrest me mr. Holmes. I am a friend, not a foe. I seek the pained, help them. Grow your economy." I say. He finally nods. We land in a remote area when I realized it was the same park.

"Good decision Mr. Holmes. Now here's my number, have a nice day." I give him my card, then kiss his cheek, he blushes slightly, but holds a sneer on his steel face. I turn to the assistant and kiss his cheek too.

I walk out, holding my laptop and go back to my apartment.

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