Nobody compares

Cindy Marie is a nerd that fall Inlove with his bully, Harry Styles. They were neighbors but never talk to each other except when Harry humiliate her. Find out what will happen!


2. chapter two

DEDICATED FOR @onedirectionismybiffle 😄

Cindy's p.o.v

It's Saturday morning and I'm watching teens react at my laptop while eating some cookies and I herd a knock on the front door. I lazylly open I'm sure this person isn't my mother not either Carah or Zayn. I open my door and saw..... Harry 😱 oh my gosh! "Hey uh Cindy" he said with a fake smile "uh hey" I mimick his fake smile and ask "what're you doing in my house?" I said not looking at his emerald eyes. "Err uh I need your help. If uh I don't have a girlfriend that I'll represent with my mum, she will force me to date the stupid nerd the next street" he said "okay..... So, we're gonna fake your mother?" "Literally" okay so "I uh gotta go continue what I'm watching?" "Ear okay thanks" he said kissing my cheecks. I close the door and run at my room blushing. 😳

Hi lads I'm gonna continue the story later? Yeah enjoy my story and keep voting guys!!


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