Nobody compares

Cindy Marie is a nerd that fall Inlove with his bully, Harry Styles. They were neighbors but never talk to each other except when Harry humiliate her. Find out what will happen!


1. chapter one

Hi I'm Cindy Marie. I'm 18 year old. I'm originated from Bradford but after my father die, mum force me to go with her in Holmes chapel when I was 15. Sometimes my friend Carah visits me. I have my father's brown hair (it's like kostas Garcia's hair color if you know him lmao) and aqua blue eyes. I was bullied at this guy name Harry styles and I don't know why. It hurts I know. He is handsome and cute and everything but has a cold heart. He never respect me.

Hey guys it's my FIRST story here at movellas and I hope you will like my story ☺️ . Also visit my wattpad page it's zarry06092000 and look for my stroies. Read my latest story MY BADDEST SOULMATE. ☺️


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