Living With O2L

Terra is forced to live with 3 strangers while her mother is away, and those "strangers" are 3/6 of O2L.


2. Two:Interior Design Dreamer

*Terra's Point Of View*


"Kian, would you mind showing her around?" Ricky said to Kian.


Kian stood there as if he didn't hear Ricky, then he snapped out of it.


"Of course." Kian smirked and motioned for me to follow him.


I glanced toward the door for only a second, then to him. I knew it was too late to get my mum to come back and get me. I sighed and walked over to Kian.


"Alright, come on, Terra." Kian grinned and softly put his hand on the small of my back, as if to guide me, which, he pretty much is guiding me.


"Okay.." I said shyly, and looked up at him awkwardly.


I'm only 5 foot 4, and I bet he's probably 6 feet tall. He's much taller than me, and it was a bit awkward.


"Umm.. Can I ask a question?" I said as he showed me around the house.


"Of course." He said and stopped at a closed door.


I looked down at my feet, because I felt like I was probably looking up at him for far too long, but I was so intrigued by his height, and I don't even know why.


"How tall are you?" I questioned quietly.


He chuckled and looked down at me.


"I'm 6'1." He said, grinning at me.


"So close." I muttered to myself.


"What was that?" He said.


I blushed.


"..So close." I repeated loud enough for him to hear me this time.


"So close..?" He said.


"Yeah." I said. "My guess was close."


"You guessed my height?"


I nodded.


"I thought you were 6 feet. But you're 6 foot 1." I said, smiling.


"Anyway." He said, chuckling. "This is your room." He said and opened the door.


It wasn't much, just the furniture that is needed.. A bed, a nightstand, and a mirror. It wasn't painted or decorated, but I didn't mind.


"It's.. Nice." I smiled.


"We didn't decorate it yet, because your mom told us that you like designing things." He said as we walked into the room.


"She did? Then she must have told you what exactly I enjoy designing." I said cheekily.


"Yeah. She said that she thinks you've always wanted to be an interior designer." He said, and I sat on the bed. "She told me that you have a sketchpad full of designs and ideas for rooms and houses." He said.


I laughed softly.




He paused.


"What?" He said.


"Three. I have three sketchpads full of designs and ideas." I corrected, smiling.


"Oh. That's cool."


"Yeah, kinda." I said and shrugged my shoulders. "I've never gotten to use the ideas or designs though." I looked down at the floor.



JC showed up at the doorway, and Ricky did soon after.


"And that's wanted to give you the privilege to bring one of your ideas to life.. For your own room." Ricky and JC said in unison.


"We're you two stalking us?" I questioned.


"I still can't get over her accent." Ricky said to JC and they laughed softly.


"Oh.. And yes. We were stalking you." JC said.


"You guys are kidding..right?" I asked.


"No. We really were stalking you." Ricky answered.


"No, I mean, about the room.." I corrected.


"Oh! No, we're serious. You can do whatever you want to do to the room. Make it your own." Ricky said, and randomly hit JC's head.


"Ow!" JC said.


"But.. All of my ideas.. They would be too expensive to do even just half of one.." I said.


"Don't worry about it, we talked to your mom and got permission, and we are going to pay for all the supplies."


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