Little Secrets

Jesy- Has a big secret to tell everyone
Jade-Hasnt told no-one the truth about one night
Perrie-Dosent know who to tell Zayn is always on tour
Leigh-anne- well whos knows with her she's always quiet now a days
They all have a secrets but who will fuss up?


3. Chapter 2: Jade P.O.V.

"Louis when are you going tell Eleanor?" i asked on the phone the other night while Louis was on tour with the boys and he was in Texas living it up without me.

"Come on baby girl just hold tight okay really soon k" 

"You say that mostly all the time Babe i swear to god if you don't tell i'll tell her my own fucking bloody self" i almost yelled into the phone and i was so mad i hang up and throw my phone throwing the blanket over me going to bed angry as hell with Louis......

The girls and me sat in the recording room thinking of some new songs and going no where with it at all Jesy was the main problem all the time.

"Whats your bloody fucking problem?" i asked Jesy

"Shut up Jade okay how about your problem huh? tell me and the girls because we would like to know?" yelled bitchie Jesy

"Oh know what i'm leaving have fun girls" i said stepping out of the room crying my eyes out hearing Jesy says "I dont care okay i'm having the worst day ever thanks to me and Jade"

I never knew why it was always was toxic with Jesy and I really maybe she was on her period those times well maybe not then that would all the time then........ Louis was what i keeping from them really not anything bad to be honest

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