Little Secrets

Jesy- Has a big secret to tell everyone
Jade-Hasnt told no-one the truth about one night
Perrie-Dosent know who to tell Zayn is always on tour
Leigh-anne- well whos knows with her she's always quiet now a days
They all have a secrets but who will fuss up?


2. Chapter 1: Jesy P.O.V.

The sun was out and it was shinning right in my damn face and knowing me i never light the sun in my face in the morning some people liked that but this ain't no Cinderella story, there ain't going be flying singing bird or mouse coming  outta holes and stuff.

"Jesy?" somebody said from behind my closed door, i was a little creeped out by how in the hell is in my apartment at 8 in the morning.

"Yeah...Yeah who is it?" i asked getting  out of bed going to the door only seeing Perrie, and i was confused

"You forgot that i had a extra key haha" she said laughed a little bit she didnt look to happy or something and i let her in my room.

"So want some tea or something" i was going to lay back in my bed and listen to Perrie she always had something going on in her life. I listened to her talk about what happened with Zayn over the phone last night and how he was home sick and blah blah blah. Finally i had to get dressed for stupid work i mean i loved being with the girls but things have been toxic with Jade and I, and i have no idea why i mean i just think she's hiding something from us all and wont let it out. Well look at me am hididng something too i should shut the hell up dang.

Perrie was still at my place when it was time to leave for work. Now i know its crazy but have you had a thing for somebody that you knew wasnt for you but you still had to do it...... well i told the girls no boys at all after that one douche bag Blake but i like Louis you all know him right One Direction there ya go!

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