Little Secrets

Jesy- Has a big secret to tell everyone Jade-Hasnt told no-one the truth about one night Perrie-Dosent know who to tell Zayn is always on tour Leigh-anne- well whos knows with her she's always quiet now a days They all have a secrets but who will fuss up?


1. 4 girls, and 4 secrets

~Jesy's Sercet~

Well things dont seem as it all seems in little mix now you see secrets tear some people apart and i think this will, and i told the girls i wouldn't keep no secret from them till now but i cant tell......she may have a crush on Jade's Boyfriend aka  Louis Tomlinson


~Jade's Sercet~

I had no idea things would be these crazy with Jesy and I it seems like things are not going to good with us, Leigh-anne knows something that i dont know something i dont know and am going figure it out and am dating by the way i havent told no one besides Jesy......


~Perrie's Sercet~

I'm always puking up or in a bitchy mood what could be happening to me well to tell you all i'm pregent with zayn's baby his always on tour and what else not its never the right time to tell him


~Leigh-Anne Serect~

Things are going band with then girls, and am in the middle of it all and i'm trying to fix it all but i cant at all.... i have a secret that no one i mean no one can find out



They all got something to hide as i say "Everyone has a secret to tell"

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