The Demon's Shadow

Stiles and Arron have been dating for a year and a half now. Stiles best friend was a werewolf which caused terrible things to happen. What will happen why a new villain gets involved and goes after the two? *A teen wolf fanfic*


7. Chapter 7

      Scott's P.O.V.


    Arron hung from the window by her wrists. Her skin a colour of grey. Her long black hair clung to her face. "Arron." I whispered. "What the hell is she doing up there?" asked Derek walking closer. "I don't know, let's get her down and return her to where she needs to go." Lydia said tear pooling in her green eyes. I shook my head in sadness. "If Stiles knew..." I trailed off not wanting to finish. 


         We lay her on a table to see if whoever put her up there did anything to her. Something wasn't right here... 


        Lydia's P.O.V.


    Voices whispered in my head. Arron. Arron. Life Life. I shook my head attempting to shoo the voices out. That's when something crazy happened. I looked at Arron's face. Her eyes flew open and she took in a deep breath. She came back to life. She wiggled on the table and breathed heavily. "She's alive!" Scott announced. "But. I watched you die.." Scott told her. Arron sat up and rubbed the back of her neck. "And I remember dying." she said. I hugged her. "Arron I missed you!" I yelled out. She hugged back then pulled away. "Something doesn't feel right. I feel so different." she said. "It's probably because you came back to life! We have to get you to Dr. Deaton " Scott said lifting Arron in his arms. "Where is Stiles?" Arron asked. We all stayed quiet not wanting to tell her. "Where is Stiles. I want to see him." Arron demanded. "We will tell you after Dr. Deaton takes a look at you."


      "I have never herd of anything like that in my life." Dr. Deaton told us examining Arron. But you guys are right something isn't right with her. I don't think she is human anymore." The moon shinned through the window causing Arron to look up. Her eyes glowed a faint purple then disappeared. Derek gasped. "Banshee. She is a Banshee"


      Kira's P.O.V. 


"She's a shadow Banshee? The most rare and powerful of the Banshee." I told them. Arron looked at me confused. "How?" she asked me. I sighed, "Turn around." I told her. She did what she was told and I lifted up her hair on the back of her neck exposing a design cut into her skin. "This. I don't know who did this to you. I just don't know how it brought her back to life." I admitted. "What are her abilities?" Derek asked. "Shadow Banshees can be dangerous, Arron has the normal powers of any other Banshee but to add on to that, she can cause hallucinations, but that's all I know about so far. I know they have more." I stated. Derek nodded. "I have herd of these before. They are very rare." he said glaring at Arron who shrugged. "Ok you figured out what I am and what happened now where is Stiles?" Arron asked. "You died and came back to life. Don't you have any other questions?" Scott asked. "Yes in fact I do, so many I'm going to go insane, but Stiles comes first."


         Arron's P.O.V.


    They were hiding something from me. "Ugh Arron. Fine! Stiles. He was taken over by the Nogitsune. I don't know what to do." Scott said placing his hands on his forehead looking stressful. I looked down. "I knew that would happen." I told them. Derek spoke. "All we have to do is find him then "De-Void" him." We all looked at him confused. "We must enter Stiles mind and free him from his possession." We nodded and everyone stood up. "Now if you were a possessed Stiles where would you be?" Scott asked. I gulped. "Waiting for your loved ones to harm." 


       The police department wasn't far from the vet so we got there in good time. Kira and I were able to grab some weapons on the way so we weren't completely defenseless against the Nogitsune Lydia stayed outside to keep everyone out.  Derek kicked down the door to see that the department was a mess. Scattered papers on the floor. Dead, and unconscious police on the floor. We quietly strolled to Sheriff Stilinski's office not making any sounds. You could see very little movement inside of office. Three silhouettes stood up inside. Derek nodded then opened the door. Sheriff, Void Stiles a.k.a. possessed Stiles, and my dad stood in the middle of the room. The sheriff held a gun up to my dad while my dad held a gun up to Stiles. "Dad put the gun down. You too Sheriff Stilinski." I told them. They all looked at me with surprised expressions especially Void Stiles. "But I killed you!" Void yelled in a deep echoy voice. I shook my head and smiled. "You have to try harder to kill me. "Dad no time to explain, just do what I asked please." Scott walked up to Sheriff and put his hand on the sheriff's putting the gun down. I did the same with my dad. He pulled me in for a hug. "I don't know what I would have done without you." he whispered. "Missed you too dad." I pulled away and pointed to Void Stiles. "Get him." Derek and Scott tackled Stiles before he had any time to react. Sheriff Stilinski threw Scott a pair of handcuffs. With ease Scott put them on Stiles. "Now let's get back to Deaton. He will know what to do."


       "Ok I need one more person to go into Stiles mind with Scott." Deaton said. I raised my hand. "Ok Arron sit next to Stiles." he said. I looked at Stiles. His face was red and his mouth was covered in duck tape. He attempted to scream. I shook my head and took a seat next to him. I closed my eyes then when I opened them I was at school. Balloons covered the floor in blue and red. Lockers surrounded me. I wore a black strapless dress with diamonds on the bottom. There was a high pitched screeching noise. I looked over and saw the Nogitsune. drawing on the wall. It looked over to me then memories flashed through my mind. I saw Allison fall to the ground dead, me being attacked by a werewolf. I shook the memories out of my head and saw the Nogitsune sanding in front of me. Inching closer. I turned and ran. 


        Lydia's P.O.V.


   I watched Scott and Arron concentrating on whatever was happening in Stiles mind. Scott looked completely focused while Arron looked troubled. Blood came out of Arron's nose. "She's bleeding!" I pointed out. Derek walked up to Arron and crouched in front of her. "Arron come on your stronger than this come on!!!!" he yelled. 


        Arron's P.O.V. 


    I herd the sound of Derek's yell and followed it till I was met with a door. I quickly pushed it open and ran into an open white room. I looked to my right and saw Scott next to me. "He is over there Scott." I said pointing off into the distance. Stiles and the Nogitsune sat at a table playing some kind of game far off in the distance. We yelled his name and tried running to him. Our feet moved but we didn't. He couldn't hear us or see us. Then I got an idea. "Scott Stiles is part of you pack." I told him. "What?' "Stiles. He is human but he is still part of the pack." "Yeah so." Scott said. "So how do wolves signal their location to the rest of the pack?" I pointed out. Scott looked up with red eyes. "They howl."


        Stiles P.O.V.


   There was a load roar. I looked in the distance and saw to figures. A girl and a boy. One was Scott but I couldn't see the other. I looked to Nogitsune and then the game we played. In a swift movement I threw all the pieces of the game off. I woke up and saw my dad, and Derek in front of me. 


         Arron's P.O.V. 


   My eyes opened and I was back. I looked to Stiles. "Did it work?" Scott asked taking off the tape. Stiles looked at me. "Arron?" he asked. I smiled. "Yeah Stiles?" "Am I in heaven?" he asked. "No your alive and so am I." I told him. I could tell the real Stiles was back by the way his eyes lit up when he saw me. Stiles moved right next to me and embraced me."How? How are you alive. I rememebr-" I cut him off. "We don't know Stiles." I said pulling away. "Lydia found me in the school, I was still dead. Then when Scott and Derek got there, I came back to life. Kira says that I'm a rare type of Banshee. The shadow banshee. She doesn't know how I came back to life either. No one does."  I explained.. I showed him the now scar of the design on the back of my neck. "Someone did this to me on purpose." Stiles hugged me once more and I hugged back. "I'm glad your ok Stiles." Then there was a deep voice. "Forget about something?" Nogitsune! He stood behind me and Stiles. We all gasped. Nogitsune started to take off his bandages showing a face. Stiles face. Then he disappeared. 


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