The Demon's Shadow

Stiles and Arron have been dating for a year and a half now. Stiles best friend was a werewolf which caused terrible things to happen. What will happen why a new villain gets involved and goes after the two? *A teen wolf fanfic*


4. Chapter 4

          Stiles P.O.V.


 (Flashback Stiles P.O.V.)

     I fought against the Nogitsune. I just couldn't gain control. My feet carried me unwillingly. Arron sprinted far ahead of me. Then I herd Lydia scream her name, which meant she saw her die again. The Nogitsune and I had an argument inside my head. "Just stop! Please just leave Arron alone!" I yelled. The kitsune's voice echoed in my head. "She's a hunter Stiles. She was going to eventually kill me and I couldn't let that happen." Arron had made a sharp turn into the forest. My heart sank. "NO." I stood by as the Oni fought against Arron and Allison. Arron had received a few cuts but nothing big. A piercing banshee scream sounded. "ALLISON NOOO!" Lydia screamed. I looked to Allison just to see her with a sword through her stomach. Arron watched helplessly then killed the Oni. Scott had now appeared out of the wood. Out of breath he looked at Allison with a shocked face. He ran and caught her just as she fell. "It's time for me to go." the Nogitsune said to me. I had just gained control of my body when the last Oni had stabbed Arron the same way as they did to Allison. My eyes widened. I ran to Arron. "NO Allison no." Scott sobbed. I run to Arron on the ground and lay her in my arms. Lydia screamed again, her voice getting closer. "NO! ARRON!" She came running through the trees as Allison died. Arron held on to the stab wound grimacing in pain. Tears started to stream out of my eyes. She looked so beautiful. Pale face, her one blue eye and one green eye almost glowed. I shook my head."No. No Arron stay with me stay with me. I'm so sorry I didn't mean It's all my fault! I sobbed. Arron's small hand came up and touched my lips. Her hands where so cold.I'm ok. Shh It's not your fault. It was the Nogitsune. Stiles, promise me that you will get the Nogitsune out and when you do, destroy it." she asked of me. I nodded as I watch the life drain out of my first love. "Stiles I love you." she told me. I cried some more as her breathing quickened and she stuttered on her words. A small stream of blood came out of the side of her cheek, staining her white skin. "I love you too Arron Lex Argent. Forever and always." I said in almost a whisper. Arrons hand came to my face covered in blood. She touched my face and I held her hand there until she gasped and closed her eyes, her hand falling from my face, leaving my face streaked in blood. I felt her stop breathing. "Arron? Arron no please!" I looked to Lydia as she sobbed for both her best friends had died. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I did this. I killed them.


           Lydia's P.O.V.


    I was so confused. Stiles. Harmless Stiles killed his girlfriend and her sister. It couldn't be. I can't believe such a thing. Then I remembered. Nogitsune! It went after Stiles. That's why he was having all those nightmares. That's why he was acting so strange. Scott needs to know! More people could die. 


          Scott's P.O.V.


   My best friend is possessed by a evil spirit that killed my love and his love. My heart broke even more at the thought of Allison. I cried some more as my mom walked in. "Honey I'm so sorry. It's tragic I know. She was to young. Both of them were." she told me embracing me. "I wasn't there to save her."



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