The Demon's Shadow

Stiles and Arron have been dating for a year and a half now. Stiles best friend was a werewolf which caused terrible things to happen. What will happen why a new villain gets involved and goes after the two? *A teen wolf fanfic*


3. Chapter 3


          "You have to stay here so you're safe." Stiles said panicked. "Stiles. Calm down. I will be ok. I can go home." I told him. "Stay, please. At least tonight." Stiles begged. I sighed. "Fine." Stiles wrapped his arms around me from behind and brought me to his bed. I laid down tangled in Stiles' warm arms. "Good night Stiles." "Good night Arron." with that last word I drifted off into a long sleep.


                The smell of coffee. I sat up and stretched. A yawn escaped my throat and Stiles sat up beside me. "Good morning beautiful." he told me. "Morning." I said. My eyes searched for a clock. When they found one I looked at the time. It was 8:45 in the morning. "Ugh. I'm so sore." I said standing up. I arched my back and herd a little crack. Stiles sat the edge of the bed dozing off once again. "Stiles!" I yelled. His head snapped up with wide eyes. He gave a little shriek and fell backwards. I laughed at him."Arron! What was that for!!' he yelled. I laughed and collapsed on the ground my stomach hurting from so much laughter. "Haha." Stiles sarcastically said. "Sorry you were just falling asleep so I decided to wake you up." I said chuckling a bit. Stiles glared at me then stood up, towering over me. I got on my tiptoes and kissed him. I walked over to the corner of the room and picked up my clothes. I pulled off Stiles big shirt he let me sleep in and threw it in the dirty clothes pile. I pulled on my shirt then my pants. I looked over at Stiles when I was done as he finished putting on his shirt. "So, you going to teach me how to use a sword today?" Stiles asked. I nodded. "It will be good when you know how to defend yourself instead of that wimpy bat." I said with a small chuckle. "Hey my bat worked sometimes! So what I'm not a werewolf, banshee or hunter." "That's ok. You're Stiles Stilinski, my best friend and true love."  I said quietly. Stiles looked at me then pushed his face toward mine. In one swift movement Stiles' lips were on mine. I slowly kissed back. 


          "Nice job but next time try not to cut my head off." I said out of breath. Stiles held one of my swords in his right hand swinging it around like a crazy person. I just laughed watching him struggle. By the time we were done practicing it was late in the afternoon. I grabbed his hand as we walked to his jeep. We got in when Stiles started acting strange. He seemed to be talking to himself. He played with his hands to stop them from shaking. "Stiles babe. Are you ok?" I asked. My lover looked at me slowly his face seemed so pale. His eyes drooped from lack of sleep. Dark circles were forming in shades of purple and reds. My heart skipped a beat. I never notice how bad he looked. I touched his arm. "Stiles what's going on?" His head dropped. "Oh Arron. A lot of things are happening." Stiles said in a voice that wasn't his. He looked up his eyes a darker shade of brown than usual. "Stiles you're scaring me." I told him. "Oh sweetheart he is scaring himself to. You can't blame him though. It's only my doings. He started this when he let me in his head." I gasped. "Nogitsune!" Stiles laughed. "Smart girl." I jumped out of the car and quickly opened the back as Stiles followed me. I pulled out my cross bow. I turned around and aimed it at Stiles chest. "You don't want to kill Stiles now do you?" he asked. I let out a shaky breath then ran.


                 "Scott!!" I screamed. The Nogitsune was right on my tail. His dark faced followers chasing after me. As I neared Lydia's neighbourhood I herd a piercing scream that belonged to the Banshee. She screamed my name. "Lydia!!" I yelled back. I was about to run to Lydia when I thought to myself. "No. I can't. They will get her. I have to steer them away from her!" I screamed inside my mind. I took a left turn towards the forest.


                The sun has disappeared. I ran till my heart hurt. A branch then tripped me making me face plant into the hard forest floor. "Arron?" I herd my sister say behind me. I turned and saw Allison helping me up. "Allison. Stiles, he was possessed by the Nogitsune he is chasing me. Allison. I think I'm going to die. Lydia predicted it!" I almost sobbed. "Here!" she yelled throwing me a bow, arrows and a sword. She held only a bow and arrows. Stiles appeared with his followers behind him. The two Oni came from behind him swords at the ready. I aimed my bow and walked backwards slowly. Allison did the same. I let the arrow fly it made it's mark hitting the Oni in the chest. The follower just looked at it for a second then it started to burn away the Oni's flesh. More of the Oni appeared surrounding us. Stiles watched as it became a full out war. I herd a scream. "Allison NOOOO!!!" I herd Lydia's voice. I turned to my sister to see an Oni with a blade through her stomach. "NO!" I screamed and killed the Oni instantly. I herd the sound of feet echo the forest. Scott appeared just as Allison fell. Stiles looked at Scott obviously threatened. I turned to run to Allison when an Oni stabbed my stomach deep. I fell to the ground from the impact. Lydia screamed again. "Arron!!!!!" With that the Oni disappeared. Stiles looked at me for a second then shook his head. He yelled his eyes lightening "NO Arron!" he yelled. I looked to my sister just to see her take her last breath. "Allison!" I sobbed. I felt Stiles arms around me. My hands clenched onto my stomach where I was hurt. I winced at the pain, but it wasn't physical. It was emotional. My heart hurt. I shook my head and cried. Stiles cried with me. "Scott hurry, Arron needs help!" he yelled as my vision got blurry. I saw Lydia run through the trees. She stopped as soon as she saw the scene. Tears streamed down her face. "No. No Arron stay with me stay with me. I'm so sorry I didn't mean It's all my fault!" he cried. "Stiles shhh Stiles please." I said putting my finger to my lips. "I'm ok. Shh It's not your fault. It was the Nogitsune. Stiles, promise me that you will get the Nogitsune out and when you do, destroy it." I told him as my breathing quickened. "Stiles, I love you." I said. He looked at me with such sadness and guilt. "I love you too Arron Lex Argent. Forever and Always." He said to me softly. My hand, covered in blood reached up to Stiles cheek. I stroked it then I felt a sharp pain in my heart as it slowed and my eyes drooped. I'm going to die just as my sister did. "Good bye Stiles." I told him. Tears fell on my cheek as my eyes closed and everything went white. 



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