The Demon's Shadow

Stiles and Arron have been dating for a year and a half now. Stiles best friend was a werewolf which caused terrible things to happen. What will happen why a new villain gets involved and goes after the two? *A teen wolf fanfic*


2. Chapter 2

        Weeks later...


     "Miss. Argent! Do you mind explaining everything I just taught?" My Chemistry teach, Mr. Harris asked. I took a deep breath. "You were talking about how salt or the scientific term, Na+Cl doesn't mix with phosphoric acid known as 3H+ + PO43." I said. "Great job Miss Argent. I would have though you wouldn't have been able to answer that considering that you weren't paying attention." Mr. Harris told me walking past my desk. I sighed in relief. 


         After school Lydia and I went over to her house to study for a math test. In the midst of studying, Lydia's mother walked in. "Hi Arron, Lydia. Would you to like some hot coco?" she asked us. We nodded and then she walked out of the room. "Ok anyways, so, who is the new dude?" I asked Lydia. She smiled to her self then looked up. "It's that one boy, Jacob. The tall lacrosse player." she said. I shook my head. "Explain more." I said. "Well he has blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes that I could just stare in forever, and-" she whispered the last part. "Some pretty nice abs." she said and I laughed, "Well then you will have to introduce me sometime." I told her. Then the door opened and Lydia's mum walked in with two mugs of steaming coco in her hands. "here you go girls." she murmured handing the mugs to us. "Thanks Mrs. Martin." I told her. She nodded then left closing the door behind her. I took a sip of the coco, Lydia did the same. The warm liquid warmed my throat and stomach. Then Lydia's eyes went wide and she dropped her mug. "Lydia are you ok?" Lydia fell to the ground and curled up in a ball. She shook her head. "What did you see Lydia?" I asked her. Lydia is a banshee. Banshees can sense death. She stuttered on her words. "I sa- saw you die." she choked out. My stomach dropped. The edge of my lips curved downwards into a frown. I sat down and put my head in my hands. Lydia's eyes started to water. "It was terrible Arron. The creature, I couldn't tell what it was, but I felt so cold when it showed." she said. "Derek might know what it was. Let's go find him." I said. "No! It's to dark outside. You can't. I will call Scott to get him." She uttered. Her fingers quickly typed on the numbers as she called Scott. "Scott, it's urgent. You need to bring Derek to my house. Something terrible is going to happen. Ok hurry!" she hung up and looked at me. I walked into her arms and we hugged. Lydia and I are best friends. We have gone through so much together. About five minutes later there was a knock down stairs. We ran down the staircase and answered the door. "Quick get inside and follow me." Lydia announced.


         "Explain what it looked like." Derek commanded. "Well it wore normal clothes, but it's hands and face where wrapped like a mummy. It's mouth was the only thing uncovered. Showing razor sharp rotted teeth blood dripping off them. It had followers. They wore black robes with masks on their faces. They also had sharp teeth. Their eyes were glowing yellow orbs. In their hands they held a long skinny sword. And that's all I saw." Derek's eyes widened a bit. "The Nogitsune. Who did it kill?" he asked. Lydia turned to me. "It killed Arron." I looked down. Scott gave a little gasp. Lydia was keeping something I could tell by the way she bit her lip. "Lydia what else are you not telling us?" I asked. She sighed. "Arron. Stiles was there too, but he was on the wrong side." I stood up and ran downstairs. I grabbed my backpack and swung it over my shoulder opening the door. "Arron wait!" I paused for a second the ran out the door. 


            I ran so far away and so long my heart and lungs felt like exploding. At least I had finally reached my neighborhood. I stopped for a second and took a breath. My phone was going off like crazy getting calls from Lydia, Scott and even my sister. I walked up to my house slowly and opened the door. Allison stood there just about to open the door. She gave me a concerned look. "I herd what happened." she sadly said. Tears started to flow. Allison hugged me. "We will keep you safe." "It's not that Allison. It was Stiles. Lydia said he was on the wrong side when I died." I huffed. "Don't worry Banshees aren't always right. You need to go see him." she said grabbing her keys. "I will drive you." 


          Foot steps neared the door. Light hurt my eyes as Stiles dad opened the door. A relieved look washed over his face. "Arron. He needs you. Something isn't right." I nodded and walked in. "Something tells me you need him as bad as he needs you." Sheriff Stilinski wondered. I nodded sadly. "Go see him." "Thank you Mr. Stilinski." I thanked walking up the stairs. The hall way to his room was dark which resulted in me stubbing my toe against the wall. I winced, but kept walking. I entered Stiles' room. The currents were opened letting the moon light shine on Stiles bed where he lay. Beads of sweat collected on his forehead. He shuffled around on his bed, kicking the covers off him. I sat next to him on the bed. Stiles' eyes shot open and he sat up screaming. "Stiles whoa calm down Stiles." I grabbed onto his arm. "Stiles. It's ok. It's me. It's Arron." I told him. He started to calm down. I hugged him. He took a deep breath. "Arron." he hugged me back. "What are you doing here." he asked. "Something isn't right Stiles. Something bad is going to happen. Lydia predicted another death." I sighed and looked down. "And you don't seem right Stiles. I hate to see you like this." Stiles grabbed my chin and tilted my head up to look at him. "I'm ok. Don't worry about me. Who's death did she predict?" Stiles asked. I knew it was coming. He was probably going to freak out. "Mine Stiles."  

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