The Demon's Shadow

Stiles and Arron have been dating for a year and a half now. Stiles best friend was a werewolf which caused terrible things to happen. What will happen why a new villain gets involved and goes after the two? *A teen wolf fanfic*


1. chapter 1


                "Hold still Scott." I said as I chained his wrists to the wall. A growl escaped his throat. "Don't you growl at me!" I sassed. Once I was finished I stepped back and studied Scott Mcall. The boy was muscular and tall with chocolate brown hair that was spiked up to the right. He had a square jaw and yellow eyes. Scott sat against the metal wall, chains on his ankles and wrists tied down. He glared at me. A chuckle echoed the empty room. I recognized it imminently, Stiles Stikinski, my boyfriend and best friend. I looked him up and down as he entered the room. Tall but not as tall as Scott, he has a bit of muscle just, not as much as Scott, dark brown almost black hair, pale skin, warm brown eyes and a cute upturned nose. My mouth curved upwards as he walked to me and embraced me. I breathed in the warm smells of Stiles, he always smelled like honey. I pulled back and looked at Scott. Stiles laughed again. "Poor wolfy all tied up. Sorry bud." Scott growled. I laughed loudly. "It's for your own good Scott!" I told him. Scott just rolled his yellow eyes at me. "Ok, the moon is up it's time for us to go." Stiles said grabbing my arm and pulling me up the stairs. Good thing Mama Mcall is working the night shift at the hospital. Stiles and I looked up at the dark sky, the moon glowing through the trees. We sat down on the front porch and started to talk. "Stiles?" "Yeah?" Stiles said looking into my eyes. "What if Derek is right. What if the Nogitsune is seeking out a mortal?" I asked a bit scared. Stiles sighed. "Then I will protect you with my life, and Scott will too, I know he would protect Allison's sister with his life." I smiled. "I love you Stiles." I murmured. Stiles leaned over, slinging his arm around my shoulder. "I love you too Arron." he said kissing my lips. Just then a howl echoed in the cold air. Stiles and I stood up. "Isaac." we both said.


         Stiles drove away in his jeep while I stayed watch of Scott. He trusted myself with my own safety. After all I am Allison's sister. I know how to use a bow, but I would never hurt Scott. A howl erupted again. I looked around. Something wasn't right. I pulled out my phone and dialed Allison's number. She answered on the third ring. "Arron?" she asked. "Yeah, hey Allison I need you to come to Scott's and bring my bow and yours." I told her. "Ok be there in a bit." she said then hung up. I breathed in the brisk air, it stung my lungs but it felt good I guess. Ten minutes later Allison pulled in the driveway with her cross bow, my bow and sheath of arrows. She handed me my equipment then I threw my sheath over my shoulder. "Hi sis." I said. "Hey." she said. Allison and I look the same kind of. She has coffee brown hair while I have black hair, we both have pale skin, high cheek bones, small and skinny body shapes, but she had brown eyes. I have one blue eye and one green eye. She has a square face I have a round one. I love my sister. We always practice our archery together and would protect each other with our lives. "Allison stay here. Watch Scott I have to go look for Stiles. He hasn't come back and I'm worried." I told her. She nodded and I hopped on Scott's motorcycle and left Allison to watch Scott. 


             I loaded my bow and turned around the corner pointing the arrow at the source of the sound. Isaac stood over Stiles on the ground, a gash on his head. Isaac's teeth and claws were out. He looked at me with yellow eyes then growled. "Isaac, calm down. Just remember who you are." I told him. He came closer to me. "Isaac." I warned. He kept getting closer. I shot an arrow in his shoulder. He roared in pain then came after me. I dropped my bow then pulled out my knife. I dodged his attack and sliced his waste. "Isaac stop!" I yelled. The werewolf hit me with such force I went flying into the wall. I coughed a little of blood. Isaac stomped over to me and grabbed my throat. He held me high up against the wall. Then I screamed. "HELP! SCOTT! DEREK! ANYONE!" I yelled. Stiles opened his eyes then looked at me."Arron!" he yelled trying to get up but was stopped when he herd a crack from his broken leg. Isaac lifted me higher then threw me over next to Stiles on the wall. Then the door broke down. Scott stood in the door way next to Allison. I looked up at him in pain. Stiles dragged himself to me. "Arron are you ok?" he asked. I nodded ignoring the stream of blood pouring out of my mouth staining my lips. "Are you ok Stiles?" I asked. "Don't worry about me." he told me. Then there was a series of growls. I looked over at Scott and Isaac in the mist of a fight. Allison ran over to me and Stiles. "Come on, you got to get out of here." she said in a hurry lifting me and Stiles off the ground. Derek came running through the door. "You three! Get out of here!" He commanded. I put Stiles' arm over my shoulder and helped him out the door to his jeep. I got in the back next to Stiles and we drove far away from here. 



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