I am not who you think I am. I am not what I appear to be. Am I really who I say I am or am I deceiving you? You decide.


1. Chapter One

  My smile hides my scars. My eyes hide my pain. My whole life is a lie. Myvery existence and life have no meaning or purpose. It is either kill or be killed. My parents abandoned me, condemned me to this life the day they sold me to the Russians and left me to endure a living hell on earth.

  I was nine when my parents who had no money for food sold me to the government. I endured eleven years of harsh, backbiting training that which normally killed 90% of those within the first month. It was a miracle I had survived. The rules I had set up for myself are what got me through it all.

                                                                                  1. Show no emotion.

                                                                                  2. Do not get involved with others.

                                                                                  3. Say nothing.

                                                                                  4. Keep to yourself.

  These four rules are all that I held on to. The memory of my parents faded back into the recesses of my mind a lost comfort frozen inside my cold heart never to be warmed again. Hope did not exist. I had lost all of that years ago.

  At first I believed I could escape, but that was quickly proven wrong. No one could escape. Obey or die. Anyone who tried to escape was automatically shot and hung form the watch tower. I have seen it too may times. I was a pawn in their plan. A lifeless character in the plots of a Communist regime.

  My name is X. They changed our names the day we arrived hare at the imprisonment compound. I don't remember my former name, but sometimes I like to think I had one.

  It was a cold, miserable day. My hands were numb and were turning white. I leaned against the fence my hands trembling from the lack of gloves. I put them behind my back in an attempt to stop their shaking. My long, blond hair was bound in a bun under a soldier's hat. A large black, pocketless parka covered my body with grey snow boots on my feet.

  Typical, they wanted us to suffer. I looked up and saw a soldier running/sliding down the snow covered mountain in a hurry to do something. Who knows what. I narrowed my eyes and peered closely. He seemed to be coming towards me.

  Great! I thought, incredibly annoyed. What does he want?

  I was already freezing. I did not feel like getting orders from my superiors. I moaned and waited for the man's dreaded arrival.

  Whatever, I thought. It's a pain, but I have to deal with it.

  The man tumbled towards me his face falling straight down into a pile of snow.

  "What is it?" I commanded as I held out my hand to help him up. He took my hand and smiled up at me as he got up.

  "I took quite a fall there." he said laughing it off. "Sorry about that. Thank you."

  "You didn't answer my question." I replied coldly.

  "Yes." he saluted. "Sorry." I saluted back which was common courtesy between soldiers or may be you could say assassins. That was what I was. A coldblooded, merciless killer. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Any of these terms are appropriate. You are not given a choice it is made for you. Something you can never escape a neverending nightmare.

  "Go on." I sighed.

  "The higher ups wish to discuss something with you." he continued not lowering his salute.

  They want to discuss something with me? I thought with a growl. What is it now?

  "At ease." I said. "You may go now."

  "Yes!" he exclaimed. He nodded to me and marched up the side of the hill and disappeared. I made sure he was out of sight before I began to move towards the hill. I began trudging up it through the dense heaps of snow. My feet slipping on the slippery ice which covered the top.

  Let them wait..., I thought with a grin. They will wish they never bothered me in the first place.

  That was only the beginning of it I had no idea I was getting in way over my head by what I was going to have to do.

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