Good Girl Gonna Go Bad

Running away to clubs and sneaking out every night past midnight? That's what all the Teens of New York do every weekend. Do the parents ever know no that's the point. When Tess moves to New York she has to learn to be bad. Will this straight A student make it? Or will she cry to go back to her hometown Canada?


3. The Worst Day Of My Life

Buzz Buzz!! I hear as I opened my eyes, to the huge city window. It was still dark out why is my phone going off? I looked on my phone to find ten messages from Hunter and that it was my alarm clock. I quickly snoozed the alarm and looked at the messages from Hunter. They mostly said good morning good luck for the first  day I miss you and love you text me as soon as you get up. I quickly sent  him some texts back saying I loved him too. I walked into the bathroom to see the clock it was 5 am and I had to take a shower. I started
the shower and looked at my clothes I just bought the other day. I picked out a cute black skirt and some nice black heels and a blouse. Next I jumped in the shower and brushed my teeth. After I got out I blew dried my hair and put it into a braid. Lastly I did my make up and got dressed. By the time I started eating breakfast it was 6:30. I had pancakes. Now it was time to go to my new school. As I got in the car with my dad driving me. Finally we were at the school. I noticed everyone was wearing school uniforms. As I walked to the main office people kept gave me weird looks.  But I did not care in anyway. I opened the door to the main office as they gasped at my outfit.

I met with the principle saying I had to wear the uniform they gave me. If I did not I would be expelled from school. Anyways as I left with my books and the uniform in my hand I ran into Christiana. I really ran into her that both are books fell on the ground. She first screamed " watch out loser ew" then she said " Oh hey Tess sorry didn't see you there." I just said " Oh it's fine my fault." "You should totally sit with us today at lunch!" Really? "Yeah totally the others won't mind I'll see you at lunch then." Then Christiana left down the hall. I walked to my first class which was Pre agenda.

Once I was in the room the teacher said "And this class is our new student Tess Parish." I just ignored it and sat in my seat. I nearly feel asleep it was so boring. Next class was French then English , History , science then lunch. Finally it was lunch. I had three pages of homework already. As I walked to the lunch room I checked to see what they were serving. Salads, Sandwiches,soups, burgers or tacos you could get. I ended up getting a sandwich and a side of soup with some sweet tea. I looked around nervously for The three girls but none were in sight. Then I saw Christiana she had a spot next to her


I walked quickly to the table. Then I saw Jessica trying to sit there so I walked even faster. I ended up going so fast that I tripped and fell to the ground with the sandwich and soup landing on me. I was so embarrassed, I looked around on the floor with soup on my hair I just saw kids laughing. I had a teacher take me to the office for me to get cleaned up. When I got to her office with soup spilled all on my head she helped me clean up it. I had to change into my school Uniform now because the clothes I wore were now spilled with potato soup on them. I was so embarrassed about what people thought of it and how many saw. I just wanted to go home already and leave the city and go home to my hometown Red Wood. As I was in the office I heard a voice. It sounded like Christiana! "Oh sorry to bother but is Tess alright I felt really bad after what happened."




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