Good Girl Gonna Go Bad

Running away to clubs and sneaking out every night past midnight? That's what all the Teens of New York do every weekend. Do the parents ever know no that's the point. When Tess moves to New York she has to learn to be bad. Will this straight A student make it? Or will she cry to go back to her hometown Canada?


1. The Move

Chapter 1: The Move


I was packing up my room for the big move Friday. I was moving to New York City. The big apple as some say, I will be moving from my sweet hometown RedWood, Canada. Now my parents expect me to just now get used to living in a city now. As I packed up my room   I  hear a voice from the distance, It was my dad he was screaming at me now I had no idea  why


. "Tess get your butt down here, Hunter is here to talk to you". Hunter I thought in my head. Hunter? Then the name clicked. Hunter my boyfriend! I ran downstairs and there he was standing. I ran and jumped on him and hugged  him. But I  stopped because my dad was watching. " I wanted to take you to the movies before you go." Hunter said  My dad said yes and I was so excited to go with Hunter to the movies. As we left my house I gave my parents a hug and left  into the night with Hunter. When we got into his car I turned the music up. It was playing Ed sheeran new album. " I'm not telling you what movie we are seeing if you think I am going to." It's going to be a surprise you'll love it! I just laughed at him. As he drove I sang the Ed sheeran songs. Minutes later we were at the movie theaters. When I walked into the theater Hunter told me to wait as he got the tickets. While he got the tickets I looked at the movies playing. There was If I Stay, Annabelle, Fault In Our Stars, and Divergent. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.


It was Hunter, " You scared me!" He just started laughing. We walked into the movies I finally found out the movie was Annabelle! It was so scary my heart was pumping out of my chest. I kept hugging Hunter and kept jumping. The movie was more jump out scary not  very scream. Most of the movie was based on this creepy doll Annabelle. Finally the movie was over. As we left the movie we got into Hunter's car and I kept laughing because he was trying to sing a Carrie Underwood song. He was kind of good at singing. It was now 12:03 in the morning as we pulled up into my driveway. I gave hunter a kiss and got out of the car.


On Thursday I said goodbye to my good friends at my school and packed up the truck to leave for the city. One of the last times I might see my boyfriend Hunter again. As I was leaving my last day of school my face was full of tears. I could not stand leaving my boyfriend Hunter.


Friday came by faster then I expected. I packed up the moving truck with my family as we drove to the airport I took one last glance at my soon to be old home. When we got to the airport we had to got through security and may more things. Finally we were on a plane. That was heading to New York City!

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