Good Girl Gonna Go Bad

Running away to clubs and sneaking out every night past midnight? That's what all the Teens of New York do every weekend. Do the parents ever know no that's the point. When Tess moves to New York she has to learn to be bad. Will this straight A student make it? Or will she cry to go back to her hometown Canada?


5. Sleepover Party Type?


Chapter  5: Sleepover Party Type


       As I walked to the lunch table where Christiana Jessica and the others sat I over heard Christiana talking about a sleepover. When I got over there and sat down she said "Here Tess your invited to my sleepover or slumber party whatever you like  it's this Friday hope you can make it." 


"Yeah sure ill come" I tried to say not nervous.

Then I continued to eat my food again. Soon enough the bell rang and I rushed to my locker to get books for my next class.

Finally I was home and tomorrow was Christiana's big slumber party I was so nervous.  As I sat in bed wondering what it would be like maybe like the old days with my friends Kirsten and Jenny just we hangout and watch a movie or something. Then from the other side of the room my phone was buzzing I wondered why.


     So I got up and it was Hunter he tried to facetime me of course I called him back and we talked for a while. I told him about the girls at my school and the uniforms he said that sounds like it sucks. I just laughed then he began to get serious and said Tess I need to tell you something my heart stared to pound back and forth.

I'm coming to New York for a week next month just wanted to tell you!!


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