Good Girl Gonna Go Bad

Running away to clubs and sneaking out every night past midnight? That's what all the Teens of New York do every weekend. Do the parents ever know no that's the point. When Tess moves to New York she has to learn to be bad. Will this straight A student make it? Or will she cry to go back to her hometown Canada?


4. Only sit on the other side of the table not near me.

        Chapter 4: Only sit on the other side of the table not near me


            Then I heard the curtain move. "She's right here." the nurse said 

moments later Christina walked in with her curly hair and dark red headband. "Tess I feel so bad to tell you this but it was all Jessica who decided to trip you." 

"Oh I thought she liked me." 

"She does just she hates when people try to sit next to me or steal her seat". she said smirking

"Well alright thanks for the heads up Christina"

Then Christina got up and left while she left a little slip of paper fell from her hand. I picked it up and it said Tess, text me my number is 877987678 we need a new member in our group anyways. 

I was confused new member group? Are they like the queens of South West High or does everyone just look down at them?


When I got home  I texted her and she responded super quick saying we should totally hangout this Friday I said yeah totally. In my head I was saying no please no.

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