Good Girl Gonna Go Bad

Running away to clubs and sneaking out every night past midnight? That's what all the Teens of New York do every weekend. Do the parents ever know no that's the point. When Tess moves to New York she has to learn to be bad. Will this straight A student make it? Or will she cry to go back to her hometown Canada?


2. Knock Knock Welcome

Chapter 2: Knock Knock Welcome

I awoke to a loud speaker saying that we are landing in New York in any second. My heart starts to pump I'm so excited yet so scared. I thought to myself what if the new house is ugly? What if my room is small? What if all the people at my school hate me? Then my dad said "Here we go!" I felt a  tweeze in my stomach I knew the plane was landing. Finally, we were on the ground. Then all the sudden I thought again what if everything didn't make it through the move! As we got off the plane my parents talked about the new "apartment." It was in a plaza they mumbled on and on about it like  shut up already! we were outside waving a taxi down. Then after the tenth attempt of waving one down one


In the taxi, we saw buildings, stores we passed Central Park and bunch of more tall buildings that you would think are skyscrapers but were not . Then I saw it the Plaza! It had flower beds and a fountain full of water. It was amazing the Plaza was gorgeous! Even when you walked in the building it was perfect. It was so gold and clean I've  never seem anything so well pretty. We checked in and went to our apartment. When we got up to the apartment. We found that the moving truck already had made it's way up there. 


Now it was the fun part, getting to chose what room will be yours. I rain into each room trying to find the biggest. there were five rooms in the plaza. Then I saw it the biggest room. It had a huge master bedroom which of course a full sized closet. Basically what every girl needs in life. I told my parents I wanted that room. Surprisingly  they said yes. As I admired my new room I decided that it was time to start moving things. The first things we had the movers move was the beds and couches.


Next all the other big pieces of furniture. I began to wonder what the new school was going to be like. Hours later my parents went to the city, but I wanted to stay home and unpacking some more things. As I was folding some clothes I heard a knock on the door. My whole body started to shake.


Then I decided to stop being a baby and open the door already. As I opened the door I saw blond hair, Brown long hair, and dark red brown hair with curls. There were three, they were wearing school uniforms. All blue and in skirts with high white socks with big black heels. I was really lost like who the heck are these girls? "Hello I'm Christiana and this is Kathryn and Jessica. Your new to South West High right?" "Uh yeah my name is Tess." I said "Oh we know," she replied I thought in my head how she would she know my name. "Anyways well we better get going we'll see you at school just wanted to introduce  ourselves." I replied quickly " Oh yeah okay see you then nice meeting you."


Then the three girls left into the hallway. I slammed the door as I watched the backs of them. My stomach started to growl which reminded me of how hungry I was. So I called up for room service. and feel asleep on my new bed looking out on the city.


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