Socially Inadequate

Upcoming punk-rock band Socially Inadequate is opening act for 5 Seconds of Summer and All Time Low for the tour "Hi or Hey??!!"

Follow Socially Inadequate on their adventure with two crazy bands full of 5-years olds. (Not really.)

This book is owned by FlaminIrwin and any content taking out of it will be considered stealing, plagiarism and copyright. So, please, don't steal any of my characters or anything out of this book that is mine. This is up here for your entertainment and for me to grow in the writing ways.

(C) FlaminIrwin


1. Chapter 1

Breathe in, hold, breathe out. And repeat.


Snapping her eyes open, the blonde short haired girl stared into the reflection of the small mirror. Gazing back at her with bright green eyes was her band mate, Elliot, the bassist. His brown hair was styled into a quiff, an All Time Low shirt adorned his form, black skinny jeans covering his long legs and vans covered his feet. He nervously shuffled, gazing expectantly now.

"Aidyn?" He questioned, sighing, "Aidyn, c'mon now. It's almost time for us to go up, we need to go do our ritual."

"Yeah.." I trailed off, flashing a small smile, "Give me another moment, okay? Then I'll be straight out. I promise!"

Elliot just shook his head, "I am holding this against you." And then he left as quick as he came, probably off to find the other guys.

Turning to face the mirror, I made sure that everything was in place. Tugging down my Nirvana tank a bit more, swiping on a bit more mascara. Dark blue eyes gazed back at me, quickly brightening when I flashed myself a grin.

We'll rock it out there.

You'll rock it out there.

They'll love you.

And with those thoughts in mind, I turned and walked away from the mirror and out the door-- grin stretching across my face as excitement bubbled up.

Quickly spotting the guys, I waved to them as I approached.

"Ready, Aids?" Questioned Addias, our lead singer and rhythm guitarist. His blonde locks was styled into a messy bed-head, dark brown eyes watching me as I quickly did a check-over on his outfit. Slipknot tank, jeans, converse. Not bad.

"Yeah. You look fine, by the way." I laughed, watching as some of his stress went away.

"Pfft, he's just worried that the people out there will notice we're matching and think we're a bunch of doofuses." Korbin piped up, playful grin etching his features. He wasn't kidding, they both were wearing Slipknot merch. Except Korbin was wearing a shirt and not a tank, along with skinny jeans and converse.

"And I thought we were going to make a good impression. Nice going on the twinsy thing." I quipped, my own grin being flashed.

"Guys." Elliot whined, sticking out his hand and automatically the rest of us did, too. I thought I could hear Elliot mutter something along the line 'Finally.' But I wasn't sure.




"Socially Inadequate!"

Then we all threw our hands in the air, sticking up the rock sign and laughing. This was our dumb ritual.

What we didn't know is that we'd be doing this a lot. That we would go from café to café, garages, parks and everything we could play out. Handing out an EP to record labels, music stores and people walking. Posting our own videos on YouTube.

This was it.

This was the start of Socially Inadequate.

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