Pipsqueak and Madge

Two young girls who couldn't be more different meet in what could be the strangest chance encounter ever. They go on an adventure of friendship, self-discovery, and self-worth together and soon discover a friendship that could well last a lifetime as they wade through all the weird quirks of growing up a little differently than everyone else.


1. Prologue 1 - Philomena Elliot Curtis

Pippa woke up to the sound of arguing downstairs. It was the same old story for Pippa to hear as she covered her ears between her pillows. Pippa felt that maybe this arguing about everything would never end, that she'd have to listen to her parents discussing the-M-word until the end of time.

"Honey, it's really time we talked about this!"

"For the last time, Miranda! We aren't going through with it! Our family just isn't in a position where we can do that. Pippa is halfway through middle school, Jackie is graduating soon, we can't just pick it all up and start somewhere else!"

"There's a new position for my job that's in California. If I don't take this chance, another one may never come up!" Pippa quickly changed into her baggy shorts and one of her many superhero t-shirts, slipping down the stairs as quietly as she could manage. A stair creaked beneath her ninja step, and the fighting stopped immediately.

"Pippa? Is that you, dear?" called her mother. Pippa sighed and walked down the stairs normally. Her mother met her with a hug, and her father stepped outside with a fresh pack of cigarettes.

"Oh, Pippa, I'm so sorry you had to hear that." her mother whispered. Pippa hugged her mother softly, watching her father suck the smoke in and breathe it out like a dragon. Her mother stroked her hair, playing with the fringe of it.

"I miss your long hair, when I could brush it and braid it for you before you went to sleep..." Pippa's mother giggled. Her long blonde hair had been cut to a moderately long pixie cut and dyed a lavender color. Pippa laughed uncomfortably and walked to the cabinet, grabbing the box of Honey-Nut Cheerios and a sandwich bag. Her mother sipped from a pink mug of fresh coffee quietly, watching the world go by through the windows in the kitchen. The only sounds to be heard were the scatters of cereal and the birds chirping outside. Pippa's thoughts were whirling in her head, but none could be vocalized.

Pippa's cell phone broke the silence from in her pocket. She dug it out and answered the call. When she heard Lake's voice, she felt her face get warmer.

"Yo, Pip! Where are you? Aren't we walking to school together today?" asked Lake. Pippa smiled and told her that she'd be there soon.

"Bye, Mom!" Pippa called out, grabbing her scooter from the umbrella stand and her backpack from the floor.

"Goodbye, Pippa! Be safe! Don't forget your helmet! I love you!" her mother called, but she got nothing in response but the slam of the front door.

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