Lost In The Momment

#5sos #calum #luke #michael #ashton #badboy


2. Sneak Away

After class Calum walked up to you

Calum; Sup *yn*!😏

You; Hey...😏

Calum; Wanna ditch next class with me?🙈

(You couldn't say no to him he was just to cute)

You; Uh sure! Where do you wanna go?😏

(You try to act cool so you don't embarrass yourself)

Calum; Idc I'll check what Michael's doing

Michael was Calum's best friend they had a band named Five Seconds Of Summer with two other guys Ashton and Luke. Luke was the schools "goody goody" and Ashton was the "sweet boy" they all were single except Michael he's dating Kate the biggest bitch at East Coast High.

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