Irene Adler was always a mysterious woman.She had had secrets for forever. John might find out a secret that just might break his heart.


1. Her Seduction

        She would always try to seduce Sherlock with her womanhood. John would constantly feel envy start to bubble when Sherlock would leave to meet The Woman at a secret destination. As he walked down the hall to his bedroom, he heard Sherlock's cell phone ring. He looked at the lock-screen of his friend's phone, a picture of him standing next to Sherlock lit up the corner of the kitchen. John also noticed a notification, a text, from someone labeled as T.W. The text read,

                Sherlock, meet me outside of Scotland Yard. I'm waiting.

                                                                                        -The Woman

        John called for Sherlock, but got no answer. He walked to Sherlock's door, opened it, and saw a sleeping Sherlock on his bed, wrapped in his coat and scarf. He started to hear Sherlock storing a little. John decided to go find The Woman for himself and didn't tell sherlock where he was off to.

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