Adopted By One Direction!??!?!!!??

Ok. That boy band called One direction? Well, they adopted me and now every girl in this universe want's to be in my place! Like come on they are just 5 freaking boy's that are very Hot! But still i have not heard their music or know them that well so i don't know?! Anyways, You are about to step foot in my life. About how it's going to feel being adopted to One Direction! And also that boy band 5sos well they are One Direction's friends! [Note the Sarcasm!} So if you would like keep reading to find out!


1. Intro

Hello My Name is Abbie.

I'm a Orphan my parents left me when i was born, just because they did not want me!

My Orphanage is called: "Madam Tressole's Orphanage of the Unworthy" 

I'm 13 years old. 

That is all i'm going to say, for now.

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