Adopted By One Direction!??!?!!!??

Ok. That boy band called One direction? Well, they adopted me and now every girl in this universe want's to be in my place! Like come on they are just 5 freaking boy's that are very Hot! But still i have not heard their music or know them that well so i don't know?! Anyways, You are about to step foot in my life. About how it's going to feel being adopted to One Direction! And also that boy band 5sos well they are One Direction's friends! [Note the Sarcasm!} So if you would like keep reading to find out!


2. Adopted By Who?!

"Abbie to the main office please. Abbie to the main office!" The dreadful voice of Mrs. Tressole's horrible voice spoke to through the Speaker. I get off of my bed and scurry to the Main Office. When I arrive there are 5 incredibly Hot Boys. Suddenly, I feel nervous? Why? I don't know? 

"We promise to take good care of her Mrs. Tressole" They boy with the buzz cut says.

"Thank you very much." Mrs. Tressole's says. Umm what am I supposed to do? This is awkward they have not noticed me yet. 

" You needed me, Mrs.Tressole" I squeak.

"Aww yes, Abbie say hello to you're new Family." Say what?!

"Excuse me but I must of heard wrong?" I say louder and firmer.

" I said say hello to your new family!" She says getting a little louder. NO not with theses boys! 

"Who are they?" I ask.

"They are your new family. Let me introduce them. This is Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, And Louis." She says.

"H-hi" I say. To the boys.

"Hi!" They all say. 

"So you can take her now if you want just let her get her stuff from her room and she will be down in a little bit." Mrs. Tressole says. I just nod and run down the hallway to my room. I shut the door and fall on my bed. I quickly pull out my duffle bag and stuff the little bit of clothes i have. Once i'm done i go down the hallway and meet with the boys.

"Ok well Bye Abbie" Mrs Tressole says. I just nod and wave and leave withe the boys, that are now my family!


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